"The Apostates Are Infiltrating The Congregations Now"

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  • minimus

    The Society shamelessly tries to assasinate anyone that can see through their bullcrap! My mother suggested to me that this could be a proof of the scripture in Matthew that says there's 2 roads and only a few are on the right one. The only ones left are the blind, deaf and gullible.

  • stillajwexelder


    This thread touched on this topic also --the threat is coming from within + internet - also


  • Maverick

    Hey! If I'm gonna get quoted I should get a residual or something?

    There are alot of JW's who are asking questions. And since their inquiries get shut down in the Cong. then "Where are they to go?" For WE have the saying of truth about their organization. The RF are starved for the knowledge of the WTS!

    I was talking to two JW's today. One's DF'd the other a fade. So many of the people they know are walking away and or fading out. They see congs. getting moved around and elders being reassigned because of the lack of support! The WTS is hurting here and they know it! Maverick

  • ScoobySnax

    Its amazing! All JW friends I know tell me the congregations are packed full with many new ones. All exJWs tell me theyre in fast decline..........hmmmmmm.....

    I've only got 3 local congregations to go by that I've seen with my own eyes.....and they sure look pretty full. Of course maybe I live in a particularly "spiritual" area of England.....who knows...

  • wednesday

    Yes Scobby, everyone has a side. Probably it is somewhere in the middle. They may have a greater sucess with the children of third generations JWS, trying to get them back in. Or reviving the weak ones

    I think there is some truth that they may be bringing in less recruits. Young meaning <50 people ,now check things out on the internt. They investigate. People years ago did not have this medium to check out organizations. If I had had the internet years ago, i would have left long ago. It was b/c i did not have access to info that kept me in .

  • minimus

    Scooby, all your JW friends lie.

  • Odrade

    Yeah, some of the halls around here tend to be quite full too. Here's my theory: When I was a kid, most congregations in our area had between 80-90 publisher record cards in the files, and between 90-100 in fairly regular attendance. Makes sense given that they count non-"publishers" too. The last two congregations I attended were likewise full for the meetings, having 90-110 at meeting, depending on the season (camping/skiing) or whether the Superbowl or basketball game was on. BUT... both of these congregations have over 140 cards in the file. Meeting attendance is around 75-85%, as announced by the C.O. when he comes around. I don't suppose things have improved any in the year + we have been gone from there.

    So, the full hall gives the appearance of greater activity, but it's a sham. The numbers don't add up. If things were as in the 70s, a hall with 140+ pubs would be pushing 200 for attendance. Yep, I see a huge decline.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Could be a witch hunt in the making here. I am sure the WT would love to make an example out of any Dubs that are reading and/or posting to these "apostate" sites. If anyone on here wants to keep attending the meetings and continue posting on here, a word to the wise to watch your backs and stay anonymous.


  • truthseeker


    In the minds of the general ostrich JW, how can one be on guard against 'such ones' if they do not even know who they are?

    I for my part, are still in, and active - yet I say nothing to no one. Borrowing one of Hillary_Step's phrases, "I hold my own counsel."

  • DevonMcBride

    Sounds like the paranoia is growing. I can only imagine the horrible atmosphere this will create among JW's. There will be suspicion amongst the congregation and I'm sure those not in the "clique" will be labeled apostate even if they are not.


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