Do you believe in god?

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  • freakyAL

    I used to be a staunch believer in god. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe its technology and science advancing so much thats got me doubting idk. Do you believe in god? if you do why?

  • flipper

    I'm of the school of " I don't know " and I'll probably be an agnostic the rest of my life. It's really not that big of a deal to me. If " he " or " she " is up there as a " God " I can't do anything about it. If " he " or " she " doesn't exist - I can't change that either.

    I look at life as one big , long adventure. As I get older I try to set more good deeds on the " credit " side of the ledger - not for any fictitious award from a sky daddy, but because it makes for better relations with my fellowmen and women. Love, peace, empathy, understanding, and compassion is what this world needs more of . At the end of one's life all one can hope is they've enjoyed and promoted happiness inside themselves and others. The whole fretting over the " God " thing to me is an utter waste of time. Kind of how I roll

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    What I went through in the cult as a child has hardened me into not believing in God. What I have read on this board of horrible experiences by others has convince me even more that there is no God. It took me a long time to come to this conclusion but I feel at peace with it. Still Totally ADD

  • Aerodynamic

    I do and here is why. I worked as a Mechanical Engineer for years. Not degreed, but self taught and worked in many manufacturing jobs where things had to be designed, built, fabricated and put together. Things start out as a simple idea or complex one, put to paper and then those designs built upon.

    I guess to not be to long winded. Yes, The reason is, as a person who has designed and fabricated many things, I can help but look a around at every object and no matter its complexity realize that there was a process from design to implementation, to fabrication on everything around us. Why would it not make sense that Humans, animals, plants, life in general not have the same thing. It doesn't make sense to me why it wouldn't. Im not really in favor of humanizing "Jehovah" like the Watchtower does, but it makes perfect logical sense that something beyond our intelligence created all things. Look at things like Gravity, the distance for the earth to the sun, how molecules interact, consistency in nature, the systems like gravity that have been setup. Not to be a complete freak, but its a very well ran computer simulation. I personally find it very amazing. I do not describe to thte thought of the randomness that scientist place in evolution's, etc. Sorry I did lots of drugs after my fall, with several exiting witnesses so we had lots of philosophical debates. :) Now whether or not hes a superficial judgemental being that only likes JW's subscribe to, well that's up to you to decide, but a God, Id definitely say yes.

    Shoot I was long winded again!

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Somebody else (not sure who!) coined the expression "Religioned Out", but that best describes my present situation.


    No need to apologise for being "longwinded". There are many things that cannot be explained adequately in an eight second sound bite, a 140 character Tweet or similar!

  • Fisherman

    A God that cares.

    If God does not exist -or a god that does not care- believing in him doesn't change things. If he does exist, then he must care and if he cares he must prove that he cares. If he proves that he cares then proof of God exists and belief in his existence is elementary. Therefore, if God exists, then he must communicate somehow with each individual human or at least try to communicate.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am a very confirmed atheist. There are probably other intelligent creatures "out there" but not anything like a God or gods that created it all.

    When I left JW's, I thought Christendom had it right. But I wasn't interested in attending.
    But as I studied why Watchtower was wrong, I further studied why the Bible was wrong and how science was striving to find correct answers. I dabbled in learning a bit about Buddhism also.

    The biggest thing for me was that I turned myself over to God and I wound up in a mind-control cult, so I wondered if he wasn't there, then there was the terrible 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. I thought about God letting innocent children be torn away from family by the tens of thousands.

    So, the science tells me why so much of Genesis is wrong, and the heart and head tell me why I should listen to science. And the greatest thing about eastern thought is that you can take the wisdom and the nice stuff and not have to believe in any of the gods.

  • AdrianIsMagic


    The closest i believe when it comes to a deity is the earth, she provides more than god ever did. Circle of life and all that shit.

  • WeatherLover

    I'm an agnostic atheist, which means I don't know that there's no God, but I don't currently believe in a god. The argument that God would have to exist because things are complex doesn't convince me because if God created complex things, then it stands to reason that he/she/it would have to be complex, meaning God would require a creator.

  • smiddy3

    The God of the Bible ,the Koran,the book of Mormon and any other religious writing put out by man or woman ? A BIG NO

    So in that sense I`m an Atheist now from previously a true believer in the past.

    Are their higher intelligent beings out their in the universe who may have been responsible for life on earth ?

    I dont know , what I do know is that their is no higher power that we need to worship to gain his/her approval.

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