Do you believe in god?

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  • Onager

    I'm atheist. I went through a period of saying I was spiritual rather than religious, then I said I was agnostic, then agnostic atheist before finally settling into atheism.

    I can't say I'm an Agnostic atheist because although I don't know, my current belief is that there is no god. After all, I'm not an agnostic unicornist, I just don't believe in the existence of unicorns. Show me evidence for either and I'll change my beliefs.

    Similarly I realised that what I was calling spirituality was actually entirely within the natural world. My reverence for nature or that feeling of awe looking up at the stars was a result of the amazing capacity of my human brain and not because of something "more" than reality.

    I have to say though that if, incredibly, the god of the bible did suddenly manifest themselves unmistakably, I would become a theist through not having any other choice, but I would not become a worshipper. The horrific things that god has done, the malicious, cruel, but above all, stupid decision to hand out their instruction manual to a tiny group of people in the form of a book! And then leave it in the hands of countless scribes and translators so that almost any interpretation can be taken from it.

    That alone would make me rather die than submit to being ruled by such an inept overlord. But when you take into account the cold cruelty of what would then be revealed as their creation: The orcas playing catch with a live baby seal, the Ichneumon wasps laying their eggs inside living caterpillars which are then eaten from the inside while still alive, the mallard ducks gang raping females to death and, of course, the worm that eats children's eyeballs. If a god manifested themselves and took credit for creating that deliberately then I say shame. shame on you, now kill me and be done.

  • NewYork44M

    I would love to believe in god, I really would love to think of a benevolent caretaker of my life and beyond. I just don't see this happening.

  • Crazyguy

    If one opens his/her eyes to all the crap that’s going on in the world and has in the past along with all the bad things that happen to people one can only come to the conclusion that either there’s no god or he doesn’t care.

  • redvip2000
    either there’s no god or he doesn’t care.

    And why would he care? I was recently in Washington DC visiting the Air & Space museum, and they have this theater where they play a movie about the Hubble telescope. They go on to describe how small we (earth) are when compared with the universe. Something like 1 grain of sand, compared to all the grains of sand in all the beaches on earth. Yeah.....that insignificant.

    What person, having to care for all the beaches on earth, would pay special attention to one grain of sand sitting on the bottom of a beach in...say... Sri Lanka?

  • sir82

    Something like 1 grain of sand, compared to all the grains of sand in all the beaches on earth.

    I actually looked that up not long ago.

    You'd need all the grains of sand, everywhere, all over & under the planet, thousands of times over, just to equal the (likely) number of stars in the universe.

    And there are good arguments that there is not just one "universe", but a multiverse of distinct universes.

    All those stars, all those vast distances between stars, all the planets orbiting the stars....

    And God is concerned about whether the hemline of your dress is above or below your knee?

    Uh huh. Sure.

  • venus

    We are all fascinated by the thought that ‘I am financially independent, physically independent….’

    Yet if asked “Am I emotionally independent?” we may not because we often dance according to the behavior pattern of others!

    If asked “Am I spiritually independent?” we may not because we may already be conditioned by atheists or religionists. We are all individuals (from the root in + divisible), hence unique which means we should have our own view about God.

    Intelligence (from Latin intelligere) literally means reading between the lines. In other words, it’s all about seeing behind the obvious/events/happening/things and arriving at intuitive discernment; or seeing with third eye. Someone sent you a gift of flower. Seeing only the flower is ordinary seeing, and seeing also the love behind that gift is real seeing. When you see cards arranged as a pyramid you do not see more important aspect of it; yet eyes of your mind can see forces acting in various directions, nullifying each other thus making the pyramid shape possible.

    When you see a seed it is ordinary seeing; but seeing within it also the invisible program in which memories of all the future generations remain protected is real seeing. When you see many farm fields in which only one has cultivation, eyes of your mind would see a cultivator who planted seeds in one but did not do so with rest of the fields. Similarly, when we see various forms of life on earth and rest of the universe barren, our third eye would see a Greater Cultivator who planted seeds of life on earth but did not do so with rest of the universe which highlights the fact that it takes a Cultivator to bring forms of life.

    That means a great Cultivator exists. The fact that He has never spoken to humans shows that He is not interested in our worship! He has given us, in abundance, provisions to enjoy life. But our greed has brought suffering on earth. Should we hold God responsible for this or should bring a needed change in our attitude and make this earth a paradise again! See, some parts of the earth is already like a paradise which means if we want we can make the whole earth a paradise again!

  • ssn587

    O put it tersely, no! Quit believing in the mythical sky daddy years ago. Started using critical thinking then light bulb went off no different than unbelief in Zeus.

  • notsurewheretogo

    The evidence we have suggests there isn't...if there is one then they need to help us appreciate that there is a god if the god wants us to recognize or worship him.

    They also need to explain why all the evidence points to the fact we all descend from a common ancestor and that evolution is fact.

    I'd say there are some pretty big hurdles to overcome for me to ever believe there is a god again.

  • venus


    That’s what exactly my point is:

    1) God exists, but He doesn’t want worship—in that case, He won’t communicate with us.

    2) People learn through experience—they are supposed to repeat what brings benefits, and to avoid what brings harm to them and others.—in that case, He doesn’t have to communicate with us.

    3) People do not learn through experiences—even doctors engage in harmful habits that reduces their life-span; even leaders double the troops when they really had to back out.—in that case too, He doesn’t have to communicate because it is not going to serve any purpose.

    In either case, God doesn’t have to communicate with us.

  • notsurewheretogo

    And in that case it is pointless whether to believe in him or not as it serves no purpose or benefit to god or us if he does not communicate.

    But the point also is you say he exists yet does not communicate...but then you cannot know he exists if he does not communicate...therefore act like he does not exist and live a good life.

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