Do you believe in god?

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  • OrphanCrow
    venus: An African poor child does not reveal anything about God; but it does reveal the thoughtless behavior of the parents who bring them into birth when they themselves do not have anything even to eat. It only reveals that they have not learned from some of the rich people...

    I have tried to come up with something in reply, but I am afraid that I typed and deleted several comments before I decided that none of them were adequate.

    Your thoughtlessness has rendered me speechless

  • waton

    OC, it is time for you to go to bed, in your time zone, and hoprfully, that is not going to add to the overpopulation problem of the planet.

  • punkofnice

    I am getting the distinct smell of Brahma Kumaris here. It doesn't help when a BK dude usually denies being in any such movement.

  • OrphanCrow
    waton: OC, it is time for you to go to bed, in your time zone, and hoprfully, that is not going to add to the overpopulation problem of the planet.

    In my time zone, it is time to wake up.

    I must not have learned enough from "the rich people" because I have given birth to two children. There were times that it was difficult to feed them - I was the one that went hungry so maybe that was my lesson from the "rich people"

    Does God like rich people better?

  • cofty

    Unshakled - the Watchtower did not turn me off religion. Consideration of the facts led me to disbelief.

  • punkofnice
    Shacky - I believe in God. I need my faith as it gives me hope.

    No objections from me. hurt no one because of it and we're good.

    However...I am not at all surprised how the watchtower Society has turned so many off their beliefs. This Religion just about smothered my faith to the point I almost became an atheist.

    Yes. I see where you're coming from here and there is a truism here. However, the WBT$ made me question a lot of things after I left but at first I was still a christian. It was later on, about a year, I thought deeply about the evidence for a creator. The thing that made me do this was because of all the prayers for good things the different religions offer to their version of god, and not one of them seems to get answered. God is too blummin' quiet to be real. This is why I am an atheist. I started to analyse the evidence for a god and just didn't find anything at all. Not a flippin' thing.

    I have read the Bible through and now have my own belief system.

    I've done I don't believe it or the quran (which I have read),or other books are from a god or gods.

    Not trying to knock your faith...just explaining my side.

  • waton
    OC: ... I have given birth to two children...
    Sincere congratulations. That was one way to pass along your contribution to the enterprise of life, ongoing, and your other good deeds.

    Cruel as the African situation appears to us, having more offspring is the wrong reaction to recurring crisis, natural or man made. The other, migration, is in full swing, to the detriment of the host populations.

    re Tsunamis. There is a news items on BBC, that on Sumatra, there were Tsunami victims 2000 years ago. Warnings are not enough?

  • Twitch
    Do you believe in god?

    Which one?

    There are so many to choose from, metaphorically and otherwise....

  • Cimarrona

    I think that belief in god allows people negate responsibility for their own actions. I am the shaper of my reality. I have the ability to change that which I don't like (or at least make an attempt at it) or to sustain that which I do like, and my actions have a direct impact on whatever circumstances I find myself in. I'm my own god. I guess Satan was right about that tree lol.

  • venus


    Which God? This is an irrelevant question

    There is a saying, that, at a certain point in your journey, if you meet the Buddha, you have to kill him. This means starting to trust your own knowledge of what is true. You know what action of others make you happy/sorrowful which means you know how to act towards others.

    God knows this, hence He would not use any scriptures and would naturally want to remain unidentified.

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