Do you believe in god?

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  • venus

    The intensity with which people do not believe in the existence of God is proportionate to the intensity of misrepresentation all the religions did. Hence both the groups--atheists and religionists--have nothing to do with the existence of God.

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  • waton

    god no, creator/trice yes.

  • waton

    aerodynamic, I am totally with you. I suspect that those that champion total, unfettered atheism, have not been active , compulsive or compulsory creators, like you , engaged in "eyeball engineering".

    It is hard to create a functioning universe. particularly one that seems to run without further tinkering. to those think otherwise: you try it.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    The only possible God is the God of Einstein and Spinoza.

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  • Xanthippe

    Ah the easy questions first 😏

    I used to believe in God because I couldn't see how else we could have got here. Evolution has answered a lot of that question for me, but not all. How the universe exists I have no idea.

    One thing I do believe is that no all-powerful being who loves us could have sat back and watched the terrible things that have been done in his name and not stopped them.

    I have become sick of people telling me what's true and what isnt. Now I read, study and think for myself.

  • venus

    Actually the knowledge that whether God exists or not has no bearing on people’s lives because we find all sorts of people among believers. In my life I have seen I have always been reaping according to my thinking, which means God doesn’t have to do anything—everything is automatic.

  • cofty

    It depends on how you define god.

    A personal, loving, powerful god does not exist. That much can known beyond all reasonable doubt...

    Complexity has not been an argument for god for over 150 years...

  • Phizzy

    For me to trust that something is true, I need evidence that will withstand all sorts of questioning and testing.

    Therefore I do not believe in much, I trust that a lot of things are true, that trust may be misplaced, but at least I am not as likely to be duped as I was when I was a believer.

    Being fooled by Bullshit cost me too many years of my life.

    There certainly is no god as presented by all religions, and by many individual believers, if there was a Creator, we have no knowledge whatsoever about he/she/it, and so it is not worth spending time debating, w have nothing to base a discussion on.

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