Do You Think President Trump Will Be Impeached?

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  • flipper

    In answer to your opening thread, YES, I think there's a good chance he'll be impeached. By the time the Mueller investigation wraps up, the mid term elections will have occured - and the house of representatives & senate will have flipped to a majority of democrats.

    Therefore should be plenty of votes to impeach him. If he's not impeached , it may end up like president Nixon in 1974 and so much incriminating evidence against him and his dishonest administration will have been released and exposed - that he'll be forced or feel pressure enough to resign while still president.

    Although resigning doesn't seem to fit Trump's personality. He's a malignant narcissist so he cannot get enough of himself in person or in the media. He wants to be the fixture of everybody's attention. So he will probably try to fight the allegations and show even more so how foolish and malignant a narcissist he is. He cannot or will not EVER admit to a mistake - and he blames EVERYONE else for whatever happens to him.

    Which is one big reason McCabe is now meeting with the Mueller investigative team. McCabe doesn't want to be blamed and be the fall guy for Trump's mess, much in the same way John Dean didn't want to be blamed and be the fall guy for Nixon's mess.

    By the time this is all said and done in 2019, I'm thinking we'll have a new president with Pence ( unfortunately a staunch religious nut ) to finish up Trump's administration to the election in 2020. Which the democrats will most probably win. Kind of how I see all this going. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Simon
    By the time the Mueller investigation wraps up, the mid term elections will have occured

    And that is the reason for the investigation - a political invention to influence the next election.

    ... the democrats will most probably win

    Like the 99% probability they had of winning the last one, eh?! :D

  • AbusedandPissed

    Impeachment is not a legal exercise it is a political one. High Crimes and Misdemeanours doesn't necessarily mean what it is viewed in the standard Penal Code or the US Code. it is pretty much whatever Congress says it is when the member writes up the articles of impeachment.

  • NewYork44M

    Even if the Democrats take over the house, they will not have enough votes in the Senate to impeach. It is wasted energy. Going forward, the Democrats have to get their act together otherwise, we will have Trump for another 4 years.

  • AbusedandPissed

    You can flip republican senators way easier than you can flip a Republican congressman. Senators have longer terms and are voted at large which means that it is harder for Trump allies to have to mobilize a larger amount of Trump supporters to vote them out of office. Also, the Senate is a much easier step to the Presidency than from the house, there are plenty of moderate Republican Senators who want to run and will vote for removal because it will make their life easier in a primary and try and bring back the Republican party to a centrist mentality. This going to the far right started 10 years ago it is not all trump and the moderate Republicans are realizing that if they don't stop it now they will lose power maybe now in the next 5 years but once the younger people start to buy homes and vote regularly they will be out forever.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen is pleading guilty to Campaign Finance Violations today. Looks like the sharks are circling in on Trump and his boat full of lies and deceit.

  • sir82

    If Cohen really has flipped, I suspect we're due for a Twitter storm in the near future from King Cheeto,

    We should start a pool - what epithets will he use against Cohen?

    Dibs on "lowlife", "pond scum", "loser", and "weasel".

  • sir82

    This just reported:

    The jury in former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's criminal trial asked the judge

    what they should do if they can't come to a consensus on a single count, a question that could

    indicate they are nearing a verdict.

    Too early to say for sure, of course, but it seems likely, given the weak defense at the trial, that the jury is unanimous to convict on many if not all of 17 of the 18 counts. Maximum sentence, if convicted on all counts, is 300+ years in prison.

    So it seems that Manafort's choices are (a) spend the rest of his life in prison or (b) cooperate (flip) on Trump.

    Pretty spectacularly bad day for Trump if both Manafort and Cohen will be compelled to tell what they know.

    Trump will have sprained thumbs from twittering about both Manafort and Cohen.

  • redvip2000
    FYI: From now on, any "you must be in a cult" comments will just be deleted. It's the equivalent of claiming someone must be a nazi.

    You must be taking some lessons from the Org. No it's not the same, but go ahead make your ad-hoc rules to suit your sensitive ears....err...eyes.

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