Do You Think President Trump Will Be Impeached?

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  • FedUpJW

    They'd rather the country burned if it meant they have control of the ashes.

    Agreed! The leftists of the democrat party prefer to keep the general population of voters stupid and poor. Just like WT they know it is easier to control people who are both stupid and poor and therefore dependent on whatever B.S. snake oil you are selling at the time. The biggest trouble with the stupid and poor on the left is that they are willfully too stupid to know they are. IMO

  • Simon

    Hey dems, how did that impeachment thing work out for ya?

    Q: Who's reputation suffered more, Trumps, or theirs?

    It's been a pretty brutal week for them ... what with them making themselves look like a bunch of salty losers (even more than they normally do) and unable to organize a simple count with 4 years of preparation and planning.

    Trump 2020

  • LV101

    Amazing how many sagas the Dems have connived/concocted the past 3 yrs since President Trump announced his candidacy. The Dems (CNN/NY Times and the many other fake STATE NEWS channels) must surely have the next drama ready to roll out to their desperate/socialist base that hangs on by their hair. There will be more impeachment crazy - that we can count and rely on -- it's their only hope to regain possession of power.

    Scary to think how many young, brainwashed, students, will race out to vote for Bernie the Socialist for all the free handouts. How many bus loads will the unions haul in for illegal votes here - always interesting. Then one must not forget Amazon doing it's share of vote control.

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