Do You Think President Trump Will Be Impeached?

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  • Simon

    Some Q's ...

    Given that the stories are that Tump has paid off several women over the years for affairs, how can they prove that his latest payoff was specifically for the campaign in order to classify as an illegal contribution? The former head of the Federal Election Committee has said that these payments could not constitute a campaign contribution.

    While we're talking about payments for a campaign ... did Clinton disclose the $9 million payments made through her campaign law firm to Fusion GPS and the Russian agents to create the dossier on Trump specifically for the purpose of her campaign? Has she been investigated for this and if not, why not? Is this illegal campaign contribution and Russian collusion? If not, why not?

    Does the fact that Manafort and Cohn judgements were made on the same day strike anyone as suspicious or is it just a big coincidence? Same with the press making demands to have the names and addresses of jurors before they deliberate - couldn't that be considered a form of intimidation? Because being doxxed could well result in a violent Antifa mob if they didn't return what they considered the 'correct' result.

    Who remembers Barrack Obama's campaign receiving one of the largest fines ever for $millions of illegal campaign donations / hiding donors by the Federal Election Committee? Was he indicted for it and stripped of the president?

    I predict that most Trump supporters will find ways to rationalize away his illegal behavior rather than admit they were wrong.

    First of all, you have to prove something illegal has happened. Second, you have to look at the typical handling of such incidents - impeachment would be dramatically excessive given previous cases.

    You seem to be the one trying to 'rationalize' that everything that happens should = impeachment! This is the Trump Derangement Syndrome that many now seem to be afflicted with. I think many believe that it's a crime for the president not to be the one they voted for. Sorry, that isn't how elections work and if you think the election wasn't fair you have to prove it and none of what is happening is anywhere near to doing that. Mueller just got to trawl on a fishing expedition backed by the FBI and turned up some fish.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    It's very clear. Trump instructed Cohen to pay off the porn stars and set up a shell companies to do it. We have Cohen pleading guilty to it. And we have the conversation recorded ON TAPE.

    Trump is a crook. He needs to be behind bars. Not in the White House.

  • Simon
    We have Cohen pleading guilty to it.

    You have him making a plea deal - claiming this as part of reducing the sentence for other crimes (e.g. tax evasion).

    Trump is a crook. He needs to be behind bars. Not in the White House.

    So in summary. Obama and Clinton's $10m+ illegal campaign contributions are fine but $130k should be enough for impeachment of a president and jail?

    Can't you see how ridiculous that would be? That would be unprecedented. Do you honestly think that would be a good thing to happen to the country? What do you think is going to happen - they'll declare Clinton the winner?

    That is 'best case' if he walks up to Mueller and admits it's exactly as Cohn claims which seems unlikely. He just needs to say "it's my money, I pay women off all the time" and then there's nothing. Do you think he couldn't claim that?

    Tell me more of the Russian collusion though, how's that going? Because ... wasn't that supposed to be "the thing"?

    Oh no, that's right - that was just the pretence to go on the fishing expedition. All paid for by undeclared Clinton $millions's.

  • minimus

    Simon, don’t bother reasoning with Coded Logic. He will repeat the same anti Trump CNN mantra ad nauseum

  • minimus

    375000 bucks was the fine for obama breaking the law with campaign finances. Did anybody suggest that he should be going to jail for this?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The political quagmire which Trump is languishing is getting stickier and trickier by the day.

    I just don't see him out-muscling this one.

  • minimus

    Many Presidents have had affairs WHILE IN OFFICE. Do you think that any of them ever gave the women money or gifts to keep things hush hush? Kennedy, LBJ and Clinton were notorious. Oh yeah, and all Democrats!

  • out4good4

    Wow.......the Trump or bust brigade is out in full force. Complete with a host of straw grabbing excuses, repeated ad nauseum what about-isms, and projection (accusing others of intent they display themselves.

    Two years after Obama was elected, the republicans took both houses. Even before that, they set about stonewalling and obstructing everything he tried to do under cover of birtherism and accusations of him being a socialist. In six years of constant and year round investigations they failed to make anything stick.

    Barely 2 years in and nearly everyone in close orbit of cheat-O are either convicted felons or fighting for their lives in litigation. And this is with republicans still holding both houses and judges and investigators handpicked by cheat-O himself or by one of his appointed "best people".

  • MeanMrMustard
    It's very clear. Trump instructed Cohen to pay off the porn stars and set up a shell companies to do it. We have Cohen pleading guilty to it. And we have the conversation recorded ON TAPE.
    Trump is a crook. He needs to be behind bars. Not in the White House.

    *sigh* Like I said earlier: You should wait and see if it is hysteria. And it appears to be that way.

    When Trump fired Comey, all the news outlets were screaming it was obstruction of justice. They had him, dead to rights, and it was all over. Soon Trump would be gone, 100% guaranteed. Then someone had to break it to them that it wasn’t a crime.

    Looks like history really does repeat itself.

    Here is the former chairman of the FEC, that is Federal Election Commission. Here you go:

    In short - it’s not a crime to pay off porn stars, even through shell corporations. Further, it’s not a campaign contribution because it didn’t have the purpose of being used solely for the campaign. Further, it was his money, which has no limit, even if it was a campain contribution. That’s easy to prove because they have been trying to get Stormy to do this for years.

    Again, don’t take it from me, and don’t give me BS that it’s grasping at straws - this was the FEC chairman for five years.

  • minimus
    Um, Obama is a socialist.

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