California Elder Arrested

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  • Fisherman
    Here we go again. Another WT " spirit appointed " elder molesting a minor once more. Does it ever stop ? No . Flipper

    Here we go again. That is what Flipper posted. That has not been proven in Court and the JW elder has not been found guilty of anything.

    Why did you refer to the detectives of being guilty of sexual misbehavior?

    It should be clear to you now that there is a difference between being charged with a crime and being found guilty of criminal charges. Everyone accused of committing a crime should be heard with all fairness. The Related JW elder is a defendant like the detectives in my post. That is my point. Got it? You remind me of a poster on this Forum named Vivian.

  • Ruby456

    fisherman you sound like you are the wise old grandpa of this board

  • ScenicViewer
    Fisherman: Everyone accused of committing a crime should be heard with all fairness.

    Absolutely. Do you honestly believe that people here disagree with that concept and that you are the only one that gets it?

    The Related JW elder is a defendant like the detectives in my post. That is my point. Got it?

    The detectives are only defendants, as is the JW elder that was arrested, that is your point? Really? That's it? Well, okie dokie then, thanks for explaining it. It sure took you long enough to come up with that, I was hoping for something with more substance.

  • Ruby456

    lol scenicviewer

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Where there is Smoke, there is Fire!

    I just posted an Article I came across. Every Adult in the U.S. knows their local Laws regardless of the Laws in other countries. In Alabama, the age of consent is 16, however in most States it is 18.

    That aside, an Elder should be the highest example of Moral Cleanness. Many in the congregation look to these Men with reverence, awe, and yet some of these Elders use their position to take advantage of the innocent, less experience in life individuals.

  • stillin

    People tend to have a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to this sort of accusation. "Hang them all. Let God sort them out." Especially here on this forum. Sure, the elder is probably guilty of something that nobody here would ever do, AND he's a JW!

    The assumption seems to be that all JW's are child molesters or at least complicit by their silence. But the fact is that most are blissfully ignorant. These things are not discussed by witnesses, except in very closed conversations among "responsible ones" in the congregation. But it's more likely that they never read a newspaper or news magazine and to even suggest that the beloved Society is fighting off court cases like a pack of wild dogs is tantamount to blasphemy.

  • James Jack
    James Jack


    "most are blissfully ignorant"

    Isn't that the Truth!

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Ramos mentored the girl, and the two communicated through text messages. At one point, the two exchanged “inappropriate” photos and their relationship turned physical, Macias said.

    He is charged with felony oral copulation, possession and distribution of child pornography and misdemeanor child molestation.

    It seems as though the police have "text messages" "inappropriate photos" and they must have found "child pornography" that he "distributed".

    "Apparently," they DO have evidence.

  • flipper

    The " hear we go again " remark I made has more to do with the worldwide prevalence and high volume in numbers of Jehovah's Witness elders and authority figures in that religion being brought up on charges of child molestation all the time ! Like ," oh no, here we go again." It's a common crime being committed way too often within Jehovah's Witnesses and an abuse of power by JW elders. THAT is why it's important to stand up for children and speak truth to power.

    My comment was NOT an indicator that the FINAL court decision had been MADE in this particular case. My apologies, but I'm not a freaking journalist who gets paid to print or put out articles for the New York Times, Washington Post where I feel the need to put an " allegedly " behind every statement I make. Nor feel a need to " qualify " every statement I make. So I wasn't going to write " here we go again, allegedly " - I mean if we as humans had to qualify or put " allegedly " behind every damn thing we say how would folks like it if I stated , " Mr. Flipper took a crap this morning " ? Would they get as upset about that as not putting an " allegedly " behind whether a child molester has committed child abuse - a felony crime ? I mean I could write, " Mr Flipper ' allegedly ' took a crap this morning and it would be more accurate . Would THAT please the court of opinion as no one was THERE to see if Flipper actually had a bowel movement.

    I'm giving this example to show how stupid it is to argue semantics. Part of the definition of semantics is looking at the contextual meaning of what somebody writes. If some here have any reasoning ability at all - when I stated ' here we go again ' - I would assume most people look at that comment as there's a lot of child abuse going on within the WT Society and JW organization involving abuse of power by elders. Period mark. It wasn't an indictment toward this particular individual. Get a grip folks

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    So sorry Flipper,

    The WT & JWs portray themselves as a "clean people", "holy to Jehovah", and everything in this organization is "done strictly by Bible standards" which "proves they are the true religion."

    It is this hypocrisy, seen in court case after court case, judicial committee meeting after judicial committee meeting that is so frustrating to many. Myself included.

    I have been there, listened to their lawyers.... Watched the ARC, and see how WTBS operates.

    They hold all 'publishers' 'rank & file' to high standards as to whether they stay in the 'correct hotel' for conventions. (of all things)

    It is 'simply abhorrent' that they 'abhor child abuse', but their actions speak louder than words, don't they?

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