California Elder Arrested

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  • James Jack
    James Jack


    He’s a police dispatcher and church elder charged with sexually assaulting teen girl.

    A Madera police dispatcher who is a church elder is charged with sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl he mentored, Fresno police reported.

    Fresno police received an anonymous tip on Sept. 20 about Martin Ramos, 43, and launched an investigation, Sgt. Daniel Macias said.

    Investigators learned that Ramos was an elder at a Jehovah’s Witnesses church in the 4000 block of West McKinley Avenue. There, he met a teen girl and her family three years ago.

    Ramos mentored the girl, and the two communicated through text messages. At one point, the two exchanged “inappropriate” photos and their relationship turned physical, Macias said. During the course of the investigation, police learned Ramos worked as a dispatcher with the Madera Police Department.

    Ramos was arrested Sept. 21 and cooperated with police.

    He is charged with felony oral copulation, possession and distribution of child pornography and misdemeanor child molestation. Ramos pleaded not guilty to all charges earlier this month and is out on bail. He is due back in court in November.

  • flipper

    Here we go again. Another WT " spirit appointed " elder molesting a minor once more. Does it ever stop ? No . At least the police received an anonymous tip so they could arrest this abuser. Now we'll watch the scene unfold in the courtroom as a high number of JW's show up claiming " I don't know HOW brother so and so could be guilty of this ! He's an elder !" - while stupidly standing up for his character. Since he's out on bail- let's hope he doesn't skip town. WT Society needs to be brought down big time

  • darkspilver

    flipper: Here we go again. Another WT " spirit appointed " elder molesting a minor once more.

    This was in California, USA

    If they were married it would have been legal.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    If they were married it would have been legal.

    It's immoral regardless.

    And they are not married so it's illegal as well.

  • Fisherman

    In Tibet girls marry at 8 and boys at 12 - imagine that!

    But in the US a 16 year old boy can legally marry a 60 year old man.

  • Fisherman

    2 Police detectives indicted on sex charge for raping a young woman in an unmarked car.

  • dubstepped

    ^^^^^Other than taking the heat off your JW brethren what does the above have to do with anything? Shouldn't you be studying for your meeting tomorrow Fishy?

    Honestly, the tactic of using the abuse of other children to take the heat off the cult speaks volumes about your character. You are a disgusting human piece of trash.

  • freddo

    Fisherman, have you pre-studied your WT for tomorrow? Self-control is the subject for indoctrination.

    Does your posting (your drivel) on here demonstrate self-control according to the Governing Body of your religion?

  • ScenicViewer

    @ Fisherman

    I'm curious too, why did you link to an article about police detectives being guilty of sexual misbehavior in a thread about a JW elder molesting an underage teenager and being arrested for it?

    Is it to prove that JWs are no worse than 'wordly' people?

  • Fisherman
    police detectives being guilty of sexual misbehavior

    Wrong. Cops were indicted for rape, not sexual misbehavior. And they are not "being guilty."

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