Jehovah God is Real

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    Da war der Fucks, ein blinder Heid'

    is the "F" word not off limits on an english language site?

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    I'd like to share an experience about the subject of prayer. This is all true, although it was over 20 years ago so the memories are a bit blurry.

    When I was in my early 20's and a JW in good standing, but with questions that I couldn't reason away, I went on a Meander travel tour to the holy land. It was the full works, Egypt and Israel. When we stopped in Sinai part of the group climbed Mount Sinai at night, so that we would reach the top at dawn, just as the sun rose.

    I left the group and climbed on my own. I was considerably perturbed in spirit. Tormented by my doubts and desperate to... believe I guess. I clearly remember one elders advice around that time: "Buy a TV, get married and settle down." He was saying to be normal, be a part of the group and I sincerely wanted to do that.

    So there I was, on the top of Mount Sinai. I'd fallen at some point on the way up and cut my hand and as my blood dripped onto the rocks I prayed for direction, for a sign, for anything to say that this was how I should live my life. Then the sun rose, the darkness was stripped away and the whole land was revealed in a moment. It was glorious and I felt... nothing. There was only silence, both inside my head and out.

    When you pray, the only answers come from within yourself. In a way you could say that my prayers were answered because I saw that the direction of my life must lead away from the JW's and from belief. I bought a TV, I got married, but the life I settled into was a life free from religion.

  • Thisismein1972

    God hears all out prayers...Then the OP uses the statement "think before you write" If god can hear our prayers, then surely he can hear us think too? If so, would he not somehow, in his divine, all powerful presence stop one from actually writing?

    I think the OP needs to think before he/she writes, lest he/she does not come across as being another watchtower drone, who does not have the ability of critical thinking.

  • Thisismein1972

    The Scientologists have a group of people that solely use the internet to peddle their crap. They will try and defend the movement. The evidence is now mounting up that makes me believe that watchtower are now using bethel employees to seek out forums such as this. They are also flooding YouTube too...And don't even get me started on Yahoo Answers.

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    Looks like the opening poster has gone running with his tail between his legs!

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    Half banana

    You're welcome here TotC!

    Yahweh, the Canaanite deity, had sixty nine brother gods who were the sons of El. El's female consort was Ashera. The Bible records some of the pantheon of brothers; notably Chemosh... (Now for goodness sake, why not worship him instead?) Later Ashera became associated with Yahweh as his consort as well but in myth this sort of migration of identity is the norm because we are dealing with stories not reality.

    In fact it is a test for determining myth to observe whether the characters are transfigured from one person to another. Real people never become other people! The local horned deity Yahweh could not become the almighty creator.

    So there Yahweh sat, hands on the top of the knees, fingers pointing straight forward, a bovine headed idol with impressive curved horns, carved in wood in imitation of the gods of their overlords the Egyptians.

    Then about the sixth century BCE, influenced by the emerging Classical world it was realized that the stylish Egyptian gods were just expressions of the personality of the nameless almighty God who is ineffable, omnipotent and NAMELESS (as they were led to believe). So the Israelite priestly elite got the local peasants to destroy their handmade idols and follow the new game in town of ‘invisible’ gods.

    For the Jews this involved death and worse for those who didn’t agree with their tribal deity, who they stressed, was much given to defending the “new light” of monolatry. Isa 13,16

    Please note it was monolatry, the worship of one particular god, which arrived in Israel at this time, monotheism came many centuries later. The death dealing rhetoric of the early part of the OT is driven by this revolutionary change of viewpoint from pantheism to monolatry.

    Since there is no concrete evidence for any god having ever lived, Jehovah is only as real as non-inquisitive, uninformed and easily led people want him to exist.

    It's not a sound idea to base your life on invisible non-entities.

  • gonzobear

    If you cannot prove God doesn't exist, then by extension of the same logic, you can't prove he does exist. Caught in this state of uncertainty, unable to either prove or disprove - although I believe there's far more evidence God doesn't exist than does - all we are left with is choice, the choice to choose to follow a God who largely seems to be a fiction varying between religions, with varying degrees of severity, or to not follow God. I chose and would make the same choice time and time again, not to follow the God of the witnesses, in good conscience I couldn't follow a God that harsh and severe who distorts the idea of all godly qualities beyond recognition. Nor would I want to follow a religion who have disseminated the bible in the way they have.

    I believe all Gods were invented by early humans as a way to explain things they didn't understand, but science and knowledge easy replace these early ideas, and so now, there is no need for God.

    Whilst you might feel you've put burs under seats, there's certainly not one under mine.

  • WTWizard

    Joke-hova may exist. However, does that itself prove that it is righteous? No. In fact, that scumbag is the root cause of all evil on the planet. You are not free to speak the truth about so many things, including things that would enhance society, because of this monster. That damnation book has all the "proof(??)" of itself being true, all lies designed to back up the other lies in the book. And it is designed to make people afraid to look beyond it for the truth--anything in that damnation book is automatically right because the damnation book itself says so?

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    " stuckinarut2

    4 hours ago

    Looks like the opening poster has gone running with his tail between his legs! "

    I hope simply retired to consider all the points made, surely our aim is not simply to win an argument, but to win over the mind of the believer to the real, rational world.

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    Jehovah God is Real - no, he ain't.

    Image result for freddy krueger this is god

    ^^^ "This ... is God" ^^^

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