Jehovah God is Real

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  • tepidpoultry

    The onus of proof is with the the one making the claim, not the one questioning it,

    Look up Bertrand Russell's Celestial Teapot, if you want, not everyone likes logic :)

  • tepidpoultry
  • tepidpoultry

    I haven't read through this thread but I'm wondering what a loyal servant of Jehovah in doing on this site,

    Isn't that showing disloyalty and disbedience to Jehovah?

    I little hypocritical wouldn't you say?

  • azor

    TOTC you actually believe in intercessory prayer? Let me guess your god answered your simplistic prayer while 5000 children die horrific and painful ways every hour. All while they and there parents prayed for them.

    Theist viewpoints are unbelievably narcissistic. He/She loved you so much it took the time to help you find your keys.

    Truly a disgusting belief system.

  • pale.emperor

    None of us here were members of the Christian congregation - because the JW religion is not Christianity. Since being free of the Watchtower I see things more clearly. IF God resists then he/she/they/it should reveal themselves if they want to be worshipped. Then you need to prove it's the God of the bible. You know, that collection of books written by people thousands of years ago and compiled by the Catholic Church. Then you need to prove his name is Jehovah - a Catholic mistranslation.

    And if you can do all that then surely you need to acknowledge that he's an asshole by committing mass genocide, approving of slavery, rape and the abuse of women since ancient times. Not to mention allowing Child abuse for decades in his own organisation.


  • EternalPettingZoo

    No he isn't.


  • nicolaou

    pale.emperor, I pretty much agree with your comments except for your statement that "the JW religion is not Christianity".

    We had a debate about that a couple of months ago and I was left unconvinced by all the arguments. It seems clear and obvious to me that JW's are Christians.

    Why do you think otherwise?

  • cofty
    Cofty, no need to do that. - TOTC

    No problem, it will be a pleasure.,

  • pale.emperor

    It seems clear and obvious to me that JW's are Christians.

    Why do you think otherwise?

    Hi Nicolaou. I didnt see the debate, sorry. However, i used to be firmly convinced that the JW religion was identical to the teachings of Jesus. Since leaving and studying more im convinced that they're not. I agree that the preaching, neutrality, pacifist way of living is very Christlike. However it's the intention of those things that matter. The preaching work is to make more converts for the org. There's no room for debate over doctrine. There was no real joy serving Jehovah, i always felt out of reach from him. Witnesses are spied upon by other witnesses, their personal matters are interfered with and they're not allowed to look at anything negative about the org.

    It's very "organization" based. The focus should be on Jesus, God and ones relationship with them.

  • schnell

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