Jehovah God is Real

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  • sir82

    They are GOG’S CROWD.

    Well, you know what they say....

    Baal's company, Gog's a crowd.

  • sparky1

    "Jehovah to Cofty........Jehovah to Cofty.............I am answering you! Can you read me ? Over."

  • Finkelstein

    God Yahweh is just another god told through human imagination and human ignorance.

    Is it virtuous for humanity to follow that ignorance and adhere to it in are social behavior and interaction ?

  • Steel


    Christianity is a belief that you are reconciled to God though having a personal relationship with Jesus christ. That is the story of the new testament. Becoming born again. Entering into the new conevant.

    As a jehovah witness you believe that is only for the annoited that are sorely represented by the governing body. These are the only ones that have this relationship. Though your works and obedience to these men you will be saved.

    For example if you have a certain decision to make , you wouldnt pray it about and expect your conscience to drive your decision. The you look to and see what the society says about it.

    The idea you have some kind of super natural relationship with jehovah god goes against what the society teaches.

    I know the borg talk about your relationship with jehovah and how important it is to pray and such but you really have to look at what they teach.

    It's all for show.

  • baker

    This video shows how religious Governing Bodies gets people at a young age and confuse them to believe that The bible god is the same as the god running their organization. Its what got you to believe that "the light is getting brighter', when is reality it is just covering up mistakes and errors by men who claim to have a special channel to the Big G. Ive learned that the only new light coming out of a Watchtower is when you put a match to it and observe the bright light...

  • Thisismein1972

    They are GOG’S CROWD.

    Hold on, is this new light? Is the watchtower now saying that Gog of Magog is not in fact the governments of the world? So now Gog of Magog, are a group of people who reside on

  • cofty
    Cofty, he is answering you - TOTC

    You are appear very convinced that god exists. I used to be where you are now. I want to discuss with you what you base your belief on.

    Will you engage in an honest conversation with no preaching or rhetoric?

  • Thisismein1972

    I do think before I write. Why, will the skydaddy somehow stop me from thinking? Or is this another veiled threat to somehow make one afraid of the big man in the sky?

  • A Believer
  • Steel


    That Post and link was little more than fluff and filler with no real explanation

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