Jehovah God is Real

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  • OrphanCrow
    Toyc: This is very interesting.

    What is interesting is that you cannot (will not) answer "How do you know that?"

    That is interesting.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Is anyone familiar with this quote: "The itch to preach is the itch to rule. Scratch one and find the other."

  • RubaDub

    Yet, none of you can prove that he does not exits.

    TakeOffTheCrown ...

    No, he does not exits, he stays in the room.

    Rub a Dub

  • OrphanCrow
    Toyc: I think I put a burr under your seats.

    That says it all.

    What is your problem? That burr getting a little uncomfortable after the report came out from Australia revealing that your god, Jehovah, f***ed up Big Time?

    Are you on here under orders or is this just your way of getting rid of your frustration over your god Jehovah's failings?

  • stuckinarut2

    Well the God of the Bible had no problem with mass genocide of women children and babies!

    He also has no problem with incest. His " faithful man " lot had no problem with incest and we are told to imitate ones like Lot.

    So, if that is "Jehovah", and we are supposedly created in his image, then why do we find such things repulsive??

  • cofty
    Cofty, (you come to mind), I appreciate that you have stated, without reservation, that you do not believe that God exists. Yet, you cannot prove it. - TOTC

    Yes I can prove that god does not exist.

    In this context ...

    1. "Prove" means prove beyond all reasonable doubt by objective evidence.

    2. "God" means the god of christian theism: the god and father of Jesus.

    I have already delivered on this challenge on numerous occasions but I will happily post a new thread in the near future to bring all of the main points of my argument into one place.

  • schnell

    If there's a personal god, why would I need faith that he's there? For reference, I don't need that for anybody else.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Why does it matter what I believe or what you believe? So that we can judge each other? No thanks - I had enough of that when I was a witness.

  • Divergent


    Jehovah has done many things out of the ordinary. Just look for it, and some day you may see it for yourself

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to back up those claims. Stop babbling about vague bullshit and show us some extraordinary evidence instead! ! !

  • stillin

    I'm proud of us! A Witness having a crisis of faith came here and we treated him respectfully and reasonably.

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