So, the Womens March ... What Is It For?

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  • Simon
  • bohm
    The main-stream corporate liberal media eroded trust in themselves a long time ago.
    The collusion between them and Clinton was shown up.

    Very well! Step 1 is complete: Sow distrust in the free press.

    I would recommend everyone to watch the full first press conference in full:

    I simply can't believe this is happening.

    Simon: Regarding the Gad Saad video, well, it is good he speaks out about hypocrisy & lies; that's what I am trying to do regarding the trump administration.

    But there is a great difference if random SJW unemployed youtuber say something crazy, or lies, or exaggerates, or appear unhinged compared if the president of the USA does the same.

  • Simon
    Very well! Step 1 is complete: Sow distrust in the free press.

    Everything has a little spin on it eh? Blame the messenger - make out that people who point out that the press lies are responsible for it as though they are the ones causing the lies?

    THEY are the ones who sow distrust every time they lie. Anyone who points it out is simply helping people see what they do. Stop with the smear language.

  • jwleaks

    They're marching against the results of the presidential erection.

  • bohm

    Simon: Please help me understand your worldview. You do not trust the free press anymore? Do you not trust the CIA/FBI's conclusions regarding the 2016 election?

    Who then do you trust?

  • azor

    DOC the excuses are astounding. I didn't support Bill either. I didn't talk like that in gym, on the golf course nor have I heard it in person. I'm in my 40's and have heard some shitty stuff but nothing like what he said he did. Let's remember he was talking about what he did. There are also other things he has been caught up in that show by his actions that he is a womanizing misogynistic pig.

    Do you have daughters? If so I feel sorry for them to have a father that defends this the way you are is deplorable.

  • Spoletta

    This discussion just proves the wisdom of that old Paul Simon song. "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest". I too fall into that category, tending to disbelieve most of Trump's rhetoric.

    However, I respect everyone's right to their opinion. Why don't all just agree to disagree, and move on to more constructive conversations.

  • Simon
    Please help me understand your worldview. You do not trust the free press anymore?

    Free press? Define "free". You mean the corporate for-profile press with close ties to politicians? No, I don't trust them. There are some good journalists doing good work, they are typically not the headlines that tend to focus on the unimportant. Real issues are complex and require work to expose and explain.

    Do you not trust the CIA/FBI's conclusions regarding the 2016 election?

    The CIA? No, I don't think they know how to tell the truth and can't think of many things they've told the truth on before but plenty that they haven't. And the FBI? They seem politicized now as well.

    When they tell me something and I know some of the detail doesn't prove the conclusion they are claiming it does, I think "hmmnnn, why should I trust the rest of it?"

    Who then do you trust?

    I trust what I can read myself. As many sources as possible viewed through suspicion and cynicism and an eye to history, macro-politics and vested interests.

    When someone tells you something, always be asking "why". Follow the money. Look for motive. Don't discount news just because it doesn't fit with you existing views and biases. It's easy to excuse what our own "side" does and condemn the other for their faults.

    Try arguing for the opposite point of view and you might learn things about people and your own beliefs.

  • Mage

    Wow, I am so glad I found this forum (and this thread). Hi Simon! I too was wondering about the point of this women's march.

    Today my Facebook feed is mostly occupied by women's march posts and cat pictures (since I subscribed to many cat pages).

    However I have not heard any discussion on what this is trying to achieve beyond words like it's for "love", "compassion", "empathy" (fill in more make you feel good words here).

    I often hear about women's right issues and I am always puzzled as to exactly what people are asking for. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying there isn't a problem - I have no doubt there are women out there that are being treated unfairly because of their gender. But I often see another side of the things which is some women tend to just say stuff without anything concrete to back it up. I work in the tech industry (and am a woman myself) and one thing I always hear women complain about is we are not getting promotions we deserve. When I asked a few why they thought that way (I had to carefully word this when I asked of course), they gave me examples of how a male coworker got promoted faster. But without actually knowing how the management decided who to promote faster it's all simply speculation on their side. I feel like if there's an issue, I'd certainly like to do my part to help. But so far I am not clear what exactly the issue is, in the environment I am in, that is. I am not in a situation where I see women getting physically abused or anything like that.

    So in any case, I think I am just happy I found a forum on which I can talk about this and have a discussion, without generating anger (I hope).


  • LisaRose

    Simon, why don't you just admit you like Trump now?

    Really, you don't have to pretend anymore, own up to it, you will feel better.

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