So, the Womens March ... What Is It For?

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  • Simon

    It seems like mobilizing after the election, which seems pointless. I keep hearing demands for equal rights but don't understand what rights they are missing exactly.

    Normally a march is to show the support (and potential votes) for a cause, but ... votes for what? ... and the election happened already.

    Is anyone else confused? Do they even know what they are marching for?

  • schnell

    I don't know, but if I see anyone protesting more in my neck of the woods, it's crazed old white men protesting Planned Parenthood and conflating abortion with homicide.

  • azor

    It's simple. They are standing together against the misogyny of the man. This is how movements start. Often times at the beginning it is a hodge podge of ideas. The danger he poses to women's rights is palpable. If there isn't a United front against him who knows how far he will go.

    It's amazing to me how anyone can say and act the way he has could become president of the free world. It's happened though, and now freedom loving equal opportunity patriots need to stand and are doing so.

  • Simon

    So basically, against hurty-feelings, nothing that can actually be done or legislated?

    Just nice sounding words, strung together, but nothing concrete.

    What, for instance, is "victory" ... that Trump can't utter certain words together or else he is impeached?

    Seriously, what is the goal. What does "we succeeded" look like?

  • azor

    Again that is how things start.

  • nicolaou
  • Simon

    How what starts? There has to be a goal beyond people just saying "I'm not happy with the election result".

    If no one can clearly define the goals, then what chance is there of achieving them?

    We know he said misogynistic things, and was mostly (and rightly) condemned for it ... but still elected.

    I find it ironic that presumably, most of those women protesting his words were content that Hillary received millions of dollars from regimes that do far worse than just insult women, they subjugate and humiliate them, they actually have "rape culture" and all manner of barbarity. Now we have people in the west, donning head-scarves (an outward symbol of that oppression) to protest their own "oppression" and support for ... these regimes?

    This is all nuts.

  • azor

    Movements galvanizing against misogyny. He poses a clear and present danger to advancements made in women's rights. These advancements need to be defended against over the next few years. Defense is a much more difficult position than offense.

    You really believe hundreds of thousands are marching as a feel good measure. How did we get where we are now with the populist movements of the right? Can anyone here remember the "Tea Party".

  • rebel8

    It is nice to feel a sense of community and support, but beyond that, I don't know what the march accomplishes.

    I have zero expectation that Cheeto gives a flying you-know-what about women's marches.

    There are so many well-intended advocacy efforts done improperly that result in no or negative impact. This is especially true when there are strong emotions and lack of professional guidance. We see this a lot in the ex-jw world.

    I was tempted to go, and tried to find out about the event and its aim. The website (for my city's march) had 2 vague sentences about its purpose, which was basically, "Stand up for your rights."

    Advocacy without a good strategy is just venting your feelings. I can do that at the corner bar.

  • LostGeneration

    Its a liberal hissy fit over a woman losing the election

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