So, the Womens March ... What Is It For?

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  • azor

    Good job guys. Keep pushing the average person in the middle right into the extremes. I would bet that most of the people going don't agree with the extremists positions of some of the people that put this together. Let's all hound them, mock them and keep driving them to the extremes.

    Huh I wonder where this could end up.

  • flipper

    I believe these demonstrations were meant for the Trump administration in a manner kind of like what happens in wars or battles- it was a warning shot fired across and over the Trump administration's bow of their governmental ship.

    Not only females attended these huge demonstrations worldwide ( many major cities and even Alaska and Antarctica ) but many males as well who stood up demonstrating for equal and fair rights not just for women's issues, but minorities, lower and middle class people, and many were being VERY vocal that they aren't going to take or accept anything less than equal and fair treatment.

    I get that completely- I don't see how that's hard to understand. Following all of the racist, sexist, and completely insane remarks Trump stood by while he ran for president- and is STILL stating - the mainstream American public are in fear. And having come from a mind control cult - most of us know how FEAR and the proverbial rattling of the saber from a power monger like Trump can affect people. I mean look at his speech to the CIA for Christ's sakes - the guy was blathering on about the media and how many people were at his inauguration.

    It does not bode well for the United States of America when we have in power at the most important position in the country - a sociopathic, self absorbed narcissist who is more concerned about how many tweet followers he has than how fairly the American people are treated. The guy acts like a 12 year old brat or frat boy who seems like somebody just stole his lunch money at school or something. I've never seen such immaturity at such a highly visible level in a government " leader " . So scared. yeah- I'm scared as hell ! Not only for me but the rest of the free world.

    The way this guy lashes out at the media ? You'd think he's already got scripted and written down some amendments to replace the one in the constitution about " freedom of press " . Come on folks- does history teach us nothing ? Remember about 80 years ago a weird little guy with a creepy moustache named Hitler came onto the world scene ? Wake up and smell the coffee is my take on this.

    And by the way - the comparison to L. Ron Hubbard is a pretty close analogy for Trump. He wants to be seen as a dictator- plain and simple. His way - or the highway. This is like watching the " emperor who has no clothes " - I swear

  • cofty
    These marches are turning into the ultimate form of "virtue signalling". - Simon


    but anyone who denies that women aren't discriminated against is in another universe. - Spoletta

    Really? I'm not convinced. I think the battle was largely won by previous generations of feminists. The latest bunch of SJWs are desperately looking for dragons to slay.

  • azor

    Cofty I agree that SJW's are a real threat. However to categorize this event or that the majority of those going as part of that movement is a reach. I also believe that criticism of this and selectively choosing a handful of signs to mock will have the opposite affect of what you desire. You are turning the peaceful average attender into an extremist.

    Mark my words. If you and the other talking heads can't recognize what is going on here and be accepting of the people who went all you will do is continue to strengthen the regressives and SJW's.

    I fear Orwells world is upon us. The past couple of days has proven this to me. You just don't get it. You're more worried about being right then doing right.

  • cofty

    Azor - I didn't do any of those things. I responded to a specific comment by Spoletta.

  • OrphanCrow
    cofty: Really? I'm not convinced. I think the battle was largely won by previous generations of feminists.

    Google "gender wage gap"

    Also google "planned parenthood funding cuts"

  • azor

    Cofty you did agree with Simon that this was the ultimate form of virtue signaling. That is what I was addressing. I believe that our inability to show support for those in this march, and instead criticize it will continue to push them toward the extremes.

  • FedUpJW

    He poses a clear and present danger to advancements made in women's rights.

    Which rights specifically? And when you list them include the proof for each assertion.

  • azor

    FedUpJw. RoeV Wade, anti-discrimination laws, harassment laws. This is just off the top that directly affect women. His inexperience is a clear and present danger to all of our lives. He's already threatening free press.

    What temper tantrum might get us into a nuclear war. Even people that voted for him want him to stop the twitter crap. People are worried about his knocking our allies, our intelligence agencies, and the list goes on.

    Go ahead try to defend the indefensible Trump.

  • FedUpJW

    You have a man who assaulted women.

    You have a woman who bragged and laughed about getting a rapist off.

    You have many women who say the assaulted them.

    You have a woman who stupidly put secure emails at risk and they were leaked.

    Why aren't these two in jail?

    The fact they are not in jail is in itself more than enough reason to protest.

    And yet you don't see many protesting, shouting obscenities, burning vehicles, smashing businesses windows.

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