So, the Womens March ... What Is It For?

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    It seem paradoxical but I think it is simple. Modern feminism is build around a totalitarian ideology (marxism) and seek to impress arbitrary, backwards and creepy limitations on human sexuality based on dogma all the while promoting junk science. Change a few details, add some terror & u got Islam.

    ...............Non-sequitur. This does not compute!

  • bohm


    So the joke in the video is that without women, driving would become a pleasure (because women are poor drivers), there would be fewer accidents (because women text while driving), productivity and the DOW would skyrocket (because women make men unproductive and do not contribute to the economy) and the only thing that would happen is that men would have to make sandwiches themselves (because that is all women are good at).

    Yep, no sexism there. Very clever, much funny...

    This forum has sure changed.

  • Simon
    Non-sequitur. This does not compute!

    You know you need more for an argument than "no, you're wrong!" right?

    So the joke in the video is that ...

    So you do understand it's humour then ... right?

    Are women also disallowed from making jokes about things men do or don't do?

    What a miserable dour humourless place the world of the left is.

    The best humour is offensive, without it we're stuck with puns and knock-knock jokes. Stop trying to ruin the world and everything in it.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    The best humour is offensive...

    One picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes stating that a person is crazy, by means of my crazy robot image, is the only worthy response. How can you respond to a person who equates feminism with Islam and Marxism in what is obviously an irrational statement.

    If he had said that 2+2= 5 then you can have a rational discussion over what it really is. However, if he says that 2+2=oranges then there is no meaningful response possible.

  • bohm

    yep, I understand it is humor. I just don't think it is very clever or funny humor as it is basically just listing a bunch of inaccurate, negative stereotypes about women. It comes across as forced and humorless to me, as this kind of one-sided political humor often does.

    I don't think it is accidental the only positive contribution he could figure out women made to the world was sandwiches. That idea (that women are useless) was the idea he started out with and then the sketch was built around that point.

    Do you think it is very clever/funny?

  • just fine
    just fine

    I think it was attempting to be funny, it wasn't very funny, but I am not offended. How many women tell man jokes? A lot so it goes both ways.

    What I don't understand is why women keep making themselves different from men, and then expect equal treatment. What kind of passive aggressive bullshit is it to not go to work for a day to make sure your male coworkers get screwed over by having to fill in, and then want to be treated equally. I am a woman and it makes no sense to me.

  • MeanMrMustard

    #DayWithoutAWoman, the entire protest, from the march to the pussy hats and the chanting - the entire thing was a joke. Not a funny joke, but the kind that makes you honestly worry about society. The kind of joke that makes you wonder if it would be better to watch the fools march and protest, or ride a bicycle a few hundred miles without a seat.

    That's the take away. Women have all the rights of men. Full stop. Everything else was pure bull shit.

    The video takes the leftist crap sandwich and turns it into something funny.

    It was also meant to trigger leftists....

  • bohm

    just fine: I am not offended, I just don't get why it is considered funny...

    you could make the same kind of video about men, i.e. take the worst inaccurate stereotypes about men and do each of them like a checklist. So it would be about how a woman finally got promoted at work, didn't get sexually assaulted in the metro, didn't suffer from domestic abuse at home, etc. etc. I don't think that would be very funny either. It would be a video about how men are creep, like this is a video about how women are useless.

    If they were serious about that video, at least have the guy turn on his computer for some porn in the evening, then cut to a video with a big bearded man giving him two thumbs up.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @bohm: posting a similar video about men would be funny... if men were protesting like idiots.

  • bohm
    MMM: posting a similar video about men would be funny... if men were protesting like idiots.

    Well, good on you!

    Notice how you are the one who makes humor conditional on political views.

    I take it then that it is because "women" (one group) are protesting like "idiots" you think this video about negative stereotypes about "women" (one group) is funny?

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