So, the Womens March ... What Is It For?

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    What if they had a "Women of Color March" so that women of color could join together and demand the same level of inequality that white women endure at the hands of men?

    Are men of color less guilty of the discrimination and the oppression of women because they themselves are oppressed or do women lump all men in together in this area?

    Do men of color, by virtue of their maleness endure less oppression and have more advantages than white women?

  • mentalclarity

    I think the money spent in going to marches and protesting could have be better spent donating to women's shelters, daycare/after school support for single moms, international entities that provide medial care for women, etc or even just volunteering actually doing something to help women.. I honestly have no clue what the practical purpose is of standing around with a poster in your hand. If all the energy and resources could actually be channeled to help women in a practical manner instead - that would be a great thing. I get the feeling sometimes protests are a pastime for an elite class of people who actually don't deal with the issues "real" women face day to day, I'm a single mom. How does the protest help me find affordable daycare for my kids or help women in a domestic violence situation or so many other actual important issues, Instead we waste our time discussing what was the last inappropriate comment Trump said

  • Simon

    From what I gather so far, Scarlet Johansson is demanding that James Franco returns a badge, while claiming that Woody Allen is an OK guy to mind children and people shouldn't believe rumours about people ... except James Franco.

  • MeanMrMustard

    After careful research spanning several hours, I have found that the badge is, in fact, a decoder badge from her childhood. Years ago she agreed to let Franco have “a turn” with it. The march today is to proclaim that the “Time’s Up”. It is her turn and she wants it back.**

    ** The research above represents an attempt to figure out the underlying purpose of the strange marches across the country. It was made assuming that the marching women are acting with, at least, a shred of rationality. I could be incorrect; however, I feel this explanation casts the march in a much more rational perspective. Otherwise their message is self-contradictory. I do feel that some older men would get behind Scarlet, supporting her turn with a decoder badge if, in fact, they could wear a pussy hat. (See previously posted old man pic)

  • Simon

    Ha ha ha, so it turns out that there was a march up here in Calgary. They went from Bankers Hall to the City building. That must be 3 blocks so what, 200 yards?

    So little accomplished - they didn't even burn off many calories.

    Hopefully all the laws that treat women differently will soon be changed. Oh, wait ...

    The real moral bankruptcy of this 'movement' is that if you want to protest the genuine poor treatment and lack of rights of women in certain other countries, those same crazy bitches would show up to protest you.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just thought I'd return to this thread about the wimmen's march because I stumbled on the following when looking at youtube vids.

    Here's Ashley Judd's erm ... epic () speech in full. As far as I can tell, she's throwing a tantrum because her country chose to elect Trump. She's all over the place. She veers off at one point to mention 'blood stains on underwear' ... very strange indeed. If a bloke chose to speak publicly about the cum stains on his crotch his feet wouldn't touch XD

    Anyhoo, take it away, Ms Judd ...

    When did feminism become such a shitshow?

    BTW in case you're wondering, here's what a REAL feminist looks like ...

  • MeanMrMustard
  • LoveUniHateExams

    When I was watching that youtube vid on Ashley Judd having an SJW meltdown, I stumbled across a youtube channel called JLongbone. She's hilarious!

    She's done a vid critiquing and laughing at Judd's speech (v. funny) and then I stumbled across the following gem from her channel. After Trump made some crass comment about a woman 'bleeding out of her wherever', one feminist decided to paint Trump's likeness using her own menstrual blood. As an 'artist/activist' she now teaches women how to collect their menstrual blood and paint with it ... I shit you not.

    JLongbone had a field day ripping on this. My favourite line:

    "Remember, ladies ... if the voices in yo head are gettin too loud jus' grab a brush ... open up ya puss ... and jus" XD

    Warning: the following video contains strong language and scenes that are potentially disturbing (yes, you see menstrual blood).

    But it's so funny I just had to post it. XD

    Anyhoo, gotta go. I'm gonna jizz on a blackboard and see what lovely patterns I can make.

  • Whynot

    A lot of woman can't afford to pay for tampons and sanitary napkins yet insurance companies cover rogaine.

    I grew up quite poor and had to make my own pads or napkins duct tape and whatever absorbent material I could find. Going to school was a nightmare but some organizations would donate these so at least I was able to get them at this public school we switched to. I cant tell you how many times I just stayed home with a towel between my legs ( I know, TMI but I'm trying to prove a point).

    It's ridiculous that we have to pay tax on these items and insurance companies arent willing to cover the cost.

    There is still plenty of double standards and discrimination in the workplace. We want equality!!! We want to be able to work in construction, as a mechanic and other blue collar jobs without being told we're not the "right fit" even though we're highly qualified.

    Feminism is about equality and NOT bringing down males. I know some feminists feel the need to put down men but that is not what true equality is about. Men are also expected to behave or be a certain way. Because of this, men also need to be freed from gender roles. It benefits everybody.

    Equality/feminism is about being free to be who you are. It's ok to be a strong female and it's ok for men to take paternity leave. If you want to be a stay at home mom Go For It! But it shouldn't be expected. People shouldn't look down on stay at home fathers. If a man wants to do laundry and cook all day GO for it but it shouldn't be a huge deal.

    Maybe some feminists don't really know what they're fighting for but all the ones I know do volunteer work and are fighting their way to achieve their goals. They're working hard to get government positions, which FYI, is still very difficult for a women to get.

    The MeToo movement is something that shouldn't be laughed at. It's no joke. We all know how harmful it is, just look at the WT. A LOT of women have been sexually victimized. I was sexually harrassed continuosly since I was the only girl with boobs in my class. It was horrible! It is very traumatizing and anyone making a joke out of it is just dispicable.

  • Whynot

    The last Woman's March we had was excellent in our area. Hundreds of people donated sanitary napkins, tampons, liners to a local organization that distributes these items to homeless woman, group homes, public schools, shelters etc.

    Protesting helps raise awareness and these nin-profit organizations took advantage to get people involved in the community to help woman in many different ways. It was awesome!

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