So, the Womens March ... What Is It For?

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  • Simon
    Google "gender wage gap"

    Sorry to break it to you, but this 77% pay gap that Obama told you about? It's a lie. A convenient lie to get your support for his policies, but still a lie.

    What makes it a lie rather than a mistake is that he knew it to be a lie. The report it was taken from said on page 1 that the 77% could be taken and used politically but didn't mean what some would take it to mean.

    He carefully twisted it so that it appeared to say something it did not.

    Many studies have shown there is no gender pay gap and women are paid the same if not more up to the age that many leave to have children.

    The unspoken inequality that some are pushing for is that, those who stay in the workforce and focus instead on their career, should somehow be held back and brought back down to the same career level as someone who has taken substantial time off to raise a family. Oh yeah, we know they mean "men" but wouldn't it apply to women too? Is it reasonable that someone with 5 years experience and a gap in employment suddenly gets the same as someone with 10 continuous years?

    Also, people often include the pay of celebrities and point to some actress who "only" got $20million for a movie or some singer who's last album didn't earn as much as some guy did, while ignoring the higher paid women who would just ruing the illusion. Because that is what it is.

    Boo hoo, my heart bleeds for them.

    Here's a simple economic truth: if anyone running a business could get an equivalent worker for 2/3rd of what they were paying someone else, they would hire them and fire the expensive ones. How are any men employed?!?

    What are these magnanimous businesses that are overpaying their male workers when there are women willing to work for less? It's a myth.

    The fact is, jobs aren't equal and it's rare that women do exactly the same work. When they do they should be paid the same for the same performance, experience and so on. Many women work in lower-paid professions and that has to be accounted for. You can't simply add everyone's pay together, average it out and declare it unfair.

    But don't lump lots of jobs like coal miner, fireman, steel worker, oil-rig worker etc... in and compare them against some gender studies snowflake who thinks having a vagina should guarantee she gets the same amount come pay-day. 92% of workplace fatalities are men ... are they just clumsy oafs or are men more likely to be doing more dangerous jobs and compensated accordingly?

    Obama lied. It's the cynical manipulation that the left uses to sell people "victimhood" in order to buy people's votes. It's no different than what they do with the black community.

    So yes, google it. Read up on all the studies, don't just accept the headline that the politicians and celebrities want to give you. Find the truth and then ask yourself why you were lied to.

  • azor

    FedUpJW just like a Trump supporter to try and shift the topic. HRC is not the president. By the way your sexism shows up by your statement about the woman who stupidly put secure emails at risk. By your words I get the sense you wouldn't have voted for any woman.

    Trump is the president and because someone else has flaws does not negate his ridiculous levels of new lows. There has never been a President like him. I worry for our nation due to his presidency and the fact that he actually even got there. It says some extraordinarily bad things about us.

  • FedUpJW

    This is an election where lies triumphed over truth.

    No, more accurately it is an election where one set of lies were less objectionable than the other set of lies.

  • FedUpJW

    Right now, the left is a pitiful wreck of whiny annoying cretins that need a slap.

    The most pointed, truthful statement I have had the pleasure of reading in some time.

  • Simon
    FedUpJW just like a Trump supporter to try and shift the topic. HRC is not the president. By the way your sexism shows up by your statement about the woman who stupidly put secure emails at risk.

    I agree. I don't think Hillary's gender is an issue with her email incompetence and it's unfair to try and use it as a gender issue. In the same way, those on the left should stop with their endless screetching about "while male privilege" unless it's involving something specific to being a white male.

    I worry for our nation due to his presidency and the fact that he actually even got there. It says some extraordinarily bad things about us.

    I agree. The PC / SJW / crazy left has ruined true liberalism and pushed people to the right by over-reaching.

    We just had 8 years of Obama / the left. If, at the end of it, they could not push their arguments forward then I'm sorry but he failed. The democratic party is in utter shambles and there are few new faces who don't simply try and make everything into a race issue or repeat identity politics.

    Even the liberal strongholds - big coastal cities, are not really great places. They are great for the liberal elites and those doing well in rich companies. But they often refuse to contribute to "society" like they should - public transit and housing falls down and the poor who don't have jobs with the companies are priced out (and can't use the private company-provided buses).

    So yes, lots of lecturing by the liberal elites and celebrities who show up for events but often do nothing beyond that. Nothing that is appealing to everyday working Americans that Trump was actually talking to.

  • cofty
    Google "gender wage gap" - Orphan Crow

    Simon is correct the gender wage gap does not exist. It is a myth. No economist takes it seriously.

    Two people doing the same job get the same pay. Taken overall men tend on average to earn more. More women prioritise other things such as childcare. Don't confuse equality of opportunity with equality of outcome.

    Check out Christina Hoff Sommers - The Factual Feminist

  • Simon

    So many of the claims are just made up because they sound good or overinflated from some snippet of half-fact.

  • Simon

    The more I think about this Women's March, the more it makes me angry.

    Really, women in most western countries enjoy THE most protections, rights and freedoms than women have ever enjoyed in the history of mankind. They can be educated, have jobs, pursue careers in pretty much any field they want, they can be involved in politics at the highest level. They are as equal as you can imagine.

    What do they do with this freedom, the right to protest, the voice they have?

    Do they stand up for the plight of other actually oppressed women around the world? Those who cannot march, who have no voice, who are married off as children or live life as truly 2nd class citizens or those living in rape culture or as trafficked sex slaves?

    No. They whine about not being paid enough before getting back on their flights back home. Yes, they are so oppressed.

    They equate a man saying something stupid as being so bad it almost justifies actual terrorism. This coming from someone who's done plenty to objectify women herself, but that's OK ... I guess?

  • just fine
    just fine

    There are more men in higher paying jobs and more women in lower paying jobs, but not because of some conspiracy.

    In the company I work for, I make more than some men in the same position because of my qualifications, and some men make more than me because of theirs. But there are no female engineers, because none apply when we have openings. However almost all of the admin assistants are female. So if you simply added the men together and the women together it would appear there was something nefarious when there is not.

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