Spirit Channeling at Wallkill's Bethel

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  • Knowsnothing

    jp1692, I'd like to know what you researched and how involved you were, if you don't mind sharing.

    deegee, thanks for your response. Were you really psychic or clairvoyant during that period, or did you simply believe to be so? Did anything extraordinary happen outside your mental processes?

    I'll tell you my experience briefly. I met with a woman that did limpias, which is Spanish for spiritual cleansings. She only works with eggs. She told me to go buy a pack of eggs, which I did. She told me to hold one egg at a time between my hands, so as to absorb my "aura". Then she placed a glass of water in the middle of the living room, made me stretch out my hands to the sides, and rubbed the egg over my body, from head to toe several times. She then cracked the egg open and let the yolk sink into the glass of water. What I saw amazed me. There was black ink surrounding the egg. She said more cleaning was needed. She did the same process, and this time, besides the black\greyish ink surrounding the yolk, directly on top of the hill there was a perfectly domed bubble. It looked very much like an eye.

    There is more I can tell you, but this was enough to convince me.

  • sparky1

    There is a ventilation shaft/tunnel underneath the E building dining room at Wallkill. It can only be accessed through the storage room by the laundry. Do you suppose the demons use this as a 'portal' for their channeling?

  • zeb

    Perhaps the point of this posting is. that if/when the jw at the jw HQ and chosen to be there by some rigorous process are involving them selves in this practice of spiritism it reveals that the fundamentals of the org its teaching and the process to go to bethel are most seriously flawed.

    My reading of bethel stories by the likes of brock Talon reveals that a lot of people going to bethel are pressured into doing so by Uber parents, and are naïve in the extreme so are vulnerable to the goings on and stronger personalities around them.

  • jws

    Guy seems nutty. I mean when he first said how much of his time he spends researching Watchtower teachings, you know he's not exactly talented at deductive reasoning. And that he wants to believe what he wants to believe.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Knowsnothing » BTW, from personal experience, channeling is very real. Don't try it. You'll open a bad gateway.

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    Guess it doesn't work with a keyboard.

    Seriously, I don't mess around with anything having to do with spooks...or people like this guy who are nutso.

    Which reminds me. A sports reporter once asked Muhammad Ali if his boxing translated into street fighting. When Ali hesitated, not understanding the reporter, the reporter said, "I mean, if someone came up to you on the street and hit you, would you be able to punch him back." (Okay, it was a stupid question, but I didn't ask it.)

    Ali looked at the guy like he was nuts, then replied, "I'd probably run, 'cause he'd have to be craaazy!"

    I think what he was saying is that in many ways, crazy people are scarier than sane ones.

  • jp1692

    KN: I'd like to know what you researched and how involved you were, if you don't mind sharing.

    Well, I haven't kept a log of all of my research into this subject, and there are two different areas of research here: the supernatural and the psychology of delusion beliefs.

    But ...

    In regard to the first subject, there was 30+ years of reading WTBTS propaganda which (among other things) tried to prove the supernatural. Those publications were wholly unsuccessful in achieving their goal; indeed, they only convinced me that God, demons and the angels likely do not exist.

    Parallel to that, I read other outside sources which took a scientific approach to debunking the paranormal. Some included Michael Shermer's work through The Skeptics Society as well as the work of James Randi. Frankly, it all gets silly very quickly.

    My research into the psychology of delusion beliefs and cult recovery has been much more rigorous and scientific. Click HERE for a short list of articles and other resources which I have consulted on this and closely related subjects.

  • Knowsnothing

    Cold Steel, I understand you would keep away from that stuff and from crazy people. However, have you ever seen any of this stuff first hand, or has anyone every told you of an encounter they had?

    jp1692, I am aware of the skeptic community, I myself having been one for several years. That's why I asked if besides research, have you ever actually tried anything to do with spiritism. I'm aware that for skeptics, anecdotal evidence doesn't count for anything, but I know what I saw.

    I'll start you off with an NPR coverage on what was one of my favorite bands, the Mars Volta.


  • deegee


    Despite the heavens reigning over the entire universe and the myriad of distant planets, Jesus decided to banish Satan to OUR planet. God keeps feeding into Satan's desire to harm and destroy His creation instead of simply casting him and the demons to some obscure, gaseous ball of hydrogen 45 billion light years away------ Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho


    Good thing God didn’t confine the devil and the demons to the galaxy farthest from earth after the war in heaven (Revelation 12) so that you could have some paranormal stories to tell.

  • Knowsnothing

    Hey deegee, like I said, I was highly skeptical and thought it was all bs. Just because it hasn't been reproduced in a controlled environment doesn't mean it's not true.

    I experienced it first hand. There are many others that give testimony. I gain nothing by telling you this.

    God gave Satan dominion over the earth, it's in the Bible.

    I don't know if you saw my question, but did you just claim to be psychic/clairvoyant, or were you actually psychic/clairvoyant?

  • deegee
    God gave Satan dominion over the earth, it's in the Bible ~ Knowsnothing

    .........and therefore because it's in the Bible, then demons must be real.

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