Spirit Channeling at Wallkill's Bethel

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  • MTSman

    Not bullshit. First off, I’ve been following this guy for some time. He was laid off from the farm and it came as a shock to him. I watched the first of his videos and what he displays is genuine distrust, and disgust for this organization. I don’t think he was privy to all the juicy stuff within, but he’s been around long enough to see some interesting shit.

    A while back, I knew a guy who roomed with a GB member. They got close and then one day after the book study, The Revelation book, he asked this GB member if they had communication with heaven. This GBs response was a yes. They do communicate with angels . I remember my other buddy and I being freak the fuck out over this. Even I’ve been around a long time and have heard first hand shit that would make your skin crawl. My father was one of those guys that used to tell me stories only if I asked. I clearly remember one night as a kid, around 13, I woke up because I heard my parents talking in the next room. My father was pale. He had just came back from an elders visit. It was 1am. He told me never to take anything from this family’s kid and then told me why. Apparently this family’s mother’s mother was some sort of chaneler, had gone crazy and was casting spells on this family. He told me how he heard, saw and felt things that weren’t normal. This story was verified by a friends sister who said she she saw things that freak her out at this house.

    Ive never denied the existence of the spirt realm. I’ve never and will never Demi the existence of god, angels and demons. So as incredulous as this guys story sounds...I believe him.

  • deegee

    How, exactly, does an immaterial spirit interact with a brain and body of matter?

    What force or causal influence does it exert, and by what mechanism?

  • steve2

    The guy in the video, Marcus, said he lived in Wallkill Bethel. He's talking about an allegation that in the Brooklyn Bethel tunnels, some brothers and sisters were channeling spirits.

    This is a little like listening to someone share their painful experience and you really feel for what they've been through but you soon start to have a few uneasy thoughts about their ability to reason. You keep listening then, wham! It hits you - sad to say: Another conspiracy theorist with a propensity for spinning far-fetched stories. Channeling spirits in the Brooklyn Bethel tunnels?! Of the many, many, many things we could accuse JWs of.....

  • _Morpheus

    Ive seen other videos from this guy... he is what our British friends would call a “nutter”. Sorry dude. This is complete Nonsense.

  • zeb

    whether an account of true happening or no I find this video like so many is so hard to follow. I find myself saying 'get to the damn point'

    But, having been made aware of some of the goings on at bethel via the experiences of bethelites published, well that some were doing the demon thing would not surprise me.

  • Onager

    Surely the Bethelites wouldn't have time for channelling, what with getting drunk and buggering each other all the time?

  • lrkr

    Typical of Bethel. One guy is a self righteous asshole, the other is probably artistic and suffers from delusions of grandeur. Both a bit nuts.

    No conspiracy. Just the human psyche under strain.

    I was at Wallkill too. Didnt know either guy, but the personality types ring true.

  • Knowsnothing

    How, exactly, does an immaterial spirit interact with a brain and body of matter?

    What force or causal influence does it exert, and by what mechanism?

    Wish I knew deegee. What I can tell you is that spirits are real, from personal experience.

  • deegee
  • _Morpheus

    Deegee, your waisting good science on people who simply want to believe no matter what. If anyone can listen to that guys videos (any of them not just this one) and not see hes a bit off then sound science isnt going help either

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