Can you be a JW who does not have the GB as their leader?

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  • DoubtingThomas

    I am.

    They are just fellow brothers, old and getting senile...

    But enlightened, despite all the whining....

  • DoubtingThomas

    The WTBS led me to the Truth (Bible), and I've embraced it!

    There isn't a Divine Trio that sends the billions of people to hell, and millions to heaven thru any 'divine rapture'.

    He has a name, just as his son had.

    There is an Appointed Time were the vengeance of them both will happen!

    (Dan 2:44)

  • WingCommander

    You're coo-coo for Cocoa-Puffs!

  • JohnKG

    You can extract any "truth" from the Bible using the Watchtower method (pick and choose).

  • truth_b_known
    Can you be a JW who does not have the GB as their leader?
    I am.
    They are just fellow brothers, old and getting senile...
    But enlightened, despite all the whining....

    Congratulations on crossing the line over into apostasy as defined by the Watchtower and Jehovah's Witnesses. Please pick up your new member kit and gift bag from Simon. We are happy to have you in our ranks.

    P.S. The Governing Body, Jehovah's Witnesses, and most of Christendom tend not to be "Enlightened" as Christianity in its current form tend to be Egocentric.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Doubting Thomas. Youre not the first--and you wont be the last.

    How about starting your own religion ?

    Jehovah's True Witnesses ?

    Serious Honest Intelligent Truth ?

  • StephaneLaliberte

    DoubtingThomas: If you see the governing body as your fellow brothers, then you should also expect them to behave as any other brother in your congregation.

    They don’t admit their sins/mistakes

    Now, the governing body has admitted that it is not perfect as any other brothers. Would you accept a brother in your congregation that commits mistakes, says he’s imperfect, and never admits to any in particular? Since the Governing Body has been around for the last 50 years, plenty of mistakes must have been made, I mean, we’re all human right? So, there must also be plenty of examples where your fellow brothers admitted their mistakes, right? Afterall, isn’t confessing the first step to forgiveness?

    They don’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with them

    Imagine you are in a meeting where a brother gives a talk. He then says something you don’t agree with. You don’t recognize this teaching from either the bible or the governing body. So, after the meeting, you send an email to that brother asking him for clarifications. Rather than discussing the matter with you, he sends the draft of his talk back to you and says that you should find what you are looking for in there. If you don’t, then you must be too proudful to see it. You are shocked by the answer and try to pursue the conversation with him by sending another polite email. Turns out that this brother is the owner of a company that employs some of the local elders. Following Monday, the brother exerts his authority as a boss to get them to remove your privileges. The elders then contact you and tell you that as you’ve been causing division in the congregation, you can no longer be a pioneer, ministerial, etc.

    How would you view that brother? Throughout the process, there has never been any candid and sincere conversation on the disagreement you had with the brother, even if it was small, perhaps even insignificant. Would that brother be good? Meek? Spiritual? Now, why should you treat the governing body (individually or collectively) any different? If they are your fellow brothers, they should also be subject to the same Christian values as everyone else in the congregation. Yet, you know full well that expressing doubts in there teaching results in similar treatment. Sometimes, even worse! They go tell your family and friends that they should cut all ties with you as you are an apostate!! And if they don't, THEY will be disfellowshipped! Again, throughout this entire process, it doesn’t matter what you disagreed on, the point is that you disagreed with them. Period. If you would not accept it from a brother, why accept it from them?

  • Ding

    There are other groups that don't believe in the Trinity or Hell.

    The distinctive of Jehovah's Witnesses is loyalty to the organization and the teaching that the GB is Jehovah's appointed faithful and discreet slave who must be obeyed without question.

  • DesirousOfChange

    There is some truth in scripture;

    Matt 7:6 ~ "neither throw your pearls before swine".

    As some of you are guilty here.

    When ignored, Trolls go away.

    Don't go away mad. Just go away.

  • DoubtingThomas

    John KG- just b whahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahaahha!

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