So my PIMO Younger Brother Tried To Kill Himself Today

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  • zeb

    PE. pm to you.

    and don't worry about him being put into a mental ward this is the norm in such cases. Make sure they know what the hell is going on. Perhaps run a copy of this to the charities commission that is currently sitting in the UK.

  • Xanthippe

    I second what Zeb has said PE make sure the staff in the psychiatric ward know what's going on. Otherwise they can react negatively to your brother not wanting to see certain family members and put it down to paranoia which can affect how long he stays in hospital. We're here for you.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Not only are we all with you PE but tell your brother that your friends here on this site all send him their best wishes for him to recover and get over these problems soon.

    What a loathsome mind bending cult Jehovah's Witnesses are.

  • doublespeak

    Hello Pale Emperor, I wish to add myself to the long list of people thinking of your brother and yourself.

  • LisaRose

    I am so sorry to hear about this, it must be awful.

    Perhaps you can ask to speak to whoever is in charge of his care and let them know of this abuse by his family and the elders. Your brother may not be able to fully express what is going on or is feeling guilty about his attempt. They need to know what they are dealing with.

  • tiki

    So sad...I hope you can visit him in his unit..and you need to talk with his can shed light on the issues. I hope he gets free and finds himself...keep us posted....

  • flipper

    PALE- I'm so sorry that your brother is going through these awful experiences . I hope he will pull through. I'm so proud of you in how you've been there for your brother and the courage you show in spite of your crazed out JW family sniping and being hateful to you. After I read your opening thread- me and my wife were SO angry at the hatefulness of not only your JW relatives- but many that we have known and heard about. So sickly divisive - it's a poison that causes folks like your brother to attempt to take their own life ! If anybody is to blame it's WT Society leaders and in your brother's immediate case - his warped still in JW family .

    Dude- if there is anyway that you are able to rescue your brother and give him sanctuary and protection in your home after he gets his mental state checked out- I'd do it man. Otherwise the stress caused from your wack JW family is going to kill him. I'd even try to look at legal angles you have available to you to get him to live with you. AS long as he lives with your JW folks man, he's going to be assaulted mentally, emotionally, and verbally by JW elders and cronies of your family trying to manipulate him. I wish you and your brother all the best of luck my friend. We are with you bro. Hang in there, I can only imagine how hard this is for you. Sincerely, Mr. Flipper

  • SummerAngel

    Hi Pale Emperor. Really sorry to hear whats happening for you and your brother. I have quite a good knowledge of mental health system. Hosp stays can be very short die to pressure on beds. He may benefit from a non Jw. Advocat the ward manager can support him to get this they dhould provide a neutral person to ensure his wishes rather than his families are heard. Try and ensure you are a visible presence on the ward and that they have you as a main contact to be involved in discharge plans. It may be helpful for him to have ongoing support from the community MH team im thinking they will be a non JW influence to help him decide direction. My experience of MH teams was they are quite anti religion but tend to see them all the same so wouldnt necessarily twig that JWs were a cult so may be helpful to i form them this is more than just family being over protective. Pm me if you need to. Ive lived and worked around MH for years

    This cult regards loyalty above life.

  • pale.emperor

    Thanks for all the messages and replies guys. It's really appreciated. I went in today to see him, i chose a time that i knew no one in my family would visit... Sunday meeting time. This time i went in with a little bag prepared;)

    He seemed better than when i last seen him when his mum and sister was there. He told me that he had to block my number because his mum, sister and two elders were over his shoulder watching him do it as a "protection to his spirituality". He's also been told "has anyone who's left found a place with better spiritual food than us?" and apparently that's a reason to just keep "waiting on Jehovah".

    I didn't bring up anything JW related or apostasy related. Just kept it about him. But he did ask if there's many of us out there in the same boat? So i told him about this site and the comments you left and he was pleased. I dont know if he'd ever join this site though. They've taken his phone off him. Patients arnt allowed them in there apparently, but thats actually a good thing because it'll mean less of the family harassing him.

    I spoke to the therapist assigned to him. I had to wait around for a bit to meet him though. I explained that he and i were raised in a religion that we found to be quite controlling. That were were both baptized members of a religion which we both find to be controlling and we simply don't believe the religion anymore. That im officially an ex-member and he's trying to leave which i know is contributing to his stress/depression. (I didn't want to come across as a crazy person with an axe to grind). The therapist listened and asked which religion it is. I told him and he written something down and said "I've heard about them before. This would actually explain a lot." In my bag that i had prepared was a copy of Keep Yourselves In Gods Love. I shown him page 207-208 which explains how to treat a disfellowshipped person. Also, a printout of the May 2015 Watchtower were it has an article called "Why Disfellowshipping Is A Loving Provision". THEN, as a finale I explained that leaving officially on ones own terms means you're treated the same as a disfellowshipped person. And shown him the PDF of the elders guidebook showing that.

    He was surprised and asked if he could borrow the book. I said he could keep it.

    I also told him that if he manages to be around the next time im here when the family are here he should watch how they are around me to see what i mean. Also that non family JWs will likely want to meet with him. If it's two men it'll be elders and they should not be allowed to see him because that's exactly what he's afraid of. That if he says out loud to two elders that he doesnt want to be a JW it will destroy his life.

    I was relieved to hear him say "i'll put on his file that he's only allowed family members as visitors. Stress reasons."

    Im happy with how it went. Any hey, i even placed a book!

  • punkofnice

    Well done, paley. I hope it gets better from now on in. It's a good thing you had the presence of mind to speak to the therapist.

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