So my PIMO Younger Brother Tried To Kill Himself Today

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  • pale.emperor

    We all know that this cult will drive those trying to leave to desperate measures, and today by brother was very nearly one of those statistics. He slashed his thigh with a kitchen knife and was bleeding out until he called the police.

    I got a call on my way home from work from a police officer, coincidentally it was one of my old friends from school who's now a cop. He told me my brother is in hospital after an attempted suicide and has lost some blood but will be ok. But i should get to the hospital as he's asking for me. I call my ex-wife and ask her if she's heard anything from the family, she hasnt. I ring my mums number - no answer (remember the 2016 convention video when the mum refuses to answer the phone?). I ring again - no answer, so i leave a voicemail telling her that the police have called me about my brother and to call me (she never does). Then i ring one of my sisters - again, no answer. I tell my ex-wife to call them. She does and my mum answers immediately (f^&king cult). She fills them in. My family are shocked that my brother told the police to ring me and not them.

    My brother has aspergers syndrome and had stopped attending meetings a few months ago and wanted to be left alone to make his own non JW friends, meet people, go places, do his own thing - but he was harassed by elders turning up at his door on Thursday nights, family members telling him he's going to die in Armageddon for talking to me, the CO even said through his letterbox that "i have a bone to pick with you" - he never answered. So as you can imagine, he's felt like a prisoner in his own home.

    So i get myself to the hospital and find where he is and see that there's TWO HCL "brothers" there outside his room. I go to go in and one of them says "are you related?" i walk past them ignoring them and my mum is in there with her husband (both uber JWs). My brother looks scared to see me. One of the HLC "brothers" comes in and tells me that my brother doesnt want to speak to me. I stay where i am and ask my brother how he's doing. I sit down and simply say "talk to me" and hold his hand. He tells me that he's feeling depressed and just wants to end it all. My mum, her husband and the HLC guys are staring at me the whole time. I have a 1 to 1 with him as best i can with all this going on and tell him i know he must be finding it hard. And that despite whats going on in the family i cannot, and will not, reject him. And he can always talk to me. Mum interrupts and says "no, you've made a promise to Jehovah". My brother lies back and closes his eyes. I can see that he doesnt care anymore. Like, literally, he's a man giving up.

    I ask the HLC guys for their names. They dont tell me. I get up to leave, because there's nothing i can do here and my little girl is outside with my girlfriend. My sister is in the hallway. She tells me that i caused this. My brother is depressed because i keep talking to him when he's supposed to be shunning me. How cruel and heartless of me. ?!?!

    So there you have it, it cant possibly be the cults fault, no no no... im to blame here.

    Anyway, i found out a few minutes ago that he's been sectioned and will be in a mental health ward for a week or two. Hopefully a proper therapist or councilor will see whats going on here. Like i said, he has Aspergers Syndrome and all his carers just so happen to be JWs chosen by his mum. One is an elder. So he doesnt get a break from it.

    I hate this cult.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    This is heartbreaking and sickening. I wish you the best brother; Don't give up. You never know how things can turn out.

  • Lostwun

    So sorry man. Its so disheartening the damage this org and its loyal blind followers does to families. My heart goes out to you and your brother. Stay strong and do not let the things they are saying deter you from being there for your bro.

    I hope he gets well soon.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Pale.emperor, I am so very sorry. There are just no words, nothing to say to make it better when a beloved family member gives up on life. I have been there with my son and thankfully, we came out the other side. Clearly this cult, the mind control and the cognitive dissonance are killing your brother. I'm so glad he reached out to you and am hoping he recovers and gains freedom of heart and mind. Please remember this is not your fault.



  • cofty

    So sorry to hear about this pale.emperor. It's really encouraging to know that your brother reached out to you when he was in despair. It probably sounds scary to be sectioned but right now it's possibly the best thing that could happen. He can talk to his psychiatrist and nurses in complete confidence and he will be able to control who is allowed to visit.

    All you can do is what you have done today and be there for him. It's times like this that the WT is exposed for the despicable controlling cult that it is.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I am so sorry, Pale Emperor... my heart goes out to you and your brother. I remember seeing a post lately of you and your bros, how happy you all looked and felt together. Maybe you can share this with your brother? Can you visit him in the mental health ward? Talk about fun, happy times? Talk with his counselor about the depressing/ oppressive situation he is in?

    I am so glad you "walked past" the borg guards "who are you" crap! They deserve no acknowledgement! I am sorry for the way your mom treated you too, JWs are possessed (by the BORG)!

    Please keep us up to date, and hang in there. No "promise that you made" to anyone has to be kept if they did not keep their end of the bargain!

    cha ching

  • dubstepped

    I'm so sorry. My heart breaks reading this, and at the same time I want to throttle your family members and those HLC guys. Fuck Jehovah's Witnesses, bunch of cruel and heartless bastards. Your brother deserves better. So do you.

    Hit me up through messenger if you need to chat. This turns my stomach. I'm here to listen.

  • LongHairGal


    I am so very sorry about the pain the JW religion has caused for your family and I hope your brother recovers and gets whatever treatment he needs.

    You handled yourself well in the hospital when confronted by these hospital liaison busybodies setting themselves up as guards and insinuating themselves into some family's business. I don't think I would have been able to keep my cool so I give you credit.👍🏻

  • redpilltwice

    Terrible to hear this pale, I feel so sorry for you and this fu&%ed up situation that could have cost your brother's life. Very glad he's alive man! Hopefully he will find a better way to cope with everything soon.

    I agree with sail away that this is not your fault, and of course it isn't, but how dare they to put you in such a position! WT not dividing families??? My ass!!

  • Ding

    Very sorry all this is happening...

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