Circuit Accounts Servants Confesses how the SCAM WORKS!!

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  • JT

    Yes, I too have wondered how an assembly that is held in a fully paid for assembly hall, with no food service, could possibly have $10,000 in expenses. I suppose the bethel speakers have transportation expenses - maybe $1000 or so. As for rent on the assembly hall, well you have already paid for it once, why pay again?

    I suspect that the society levies an expected contribution, based on attendance.

    I used to be the assembly hall account overseer- and i will tell you exactly why you are ALWAYS IN THE RED-

    they use some wacky formula to come up with a PER PUB RATE it varies---

    when the accout overseer gets to the hall at about 6;30 7 AM on sat he meets with the assembly hall overseer who has a form ==

    DAMN I SHOULD HAVE KEPT COPIES OF ALL THAT SH!T- I JUST WANTED to get the He!! out of WT when i got ready to leave= ANYWAY

    It will show the number of pubs in the circuit "X" the rate let's say $11.25 per pub

    975 pub X $11.75 = $11,450-+

    and at this point before the assembly even starts

    YOU ARE IN THE RED BEFORE THE DOORS EVEN OPEN with a deficit of over $11,000

    and since you sent all the left over money to the society from the last assembly YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OPERATING CASH for the most part, yea we kept a little in the account, but it was NEVER USED TOward deferring the current expense

    anyway on sat pm we meet with all the elders and do, and co,

    then they leave the room AND we reveiw any expenses they have and we take thAT VOTE LIKE THE RUSSIAN PARLIMENT AS TO whether to pay their bills


    so this expense is attached as well--- so now we are getting up into the cash

    DO $500 for car CO $600 for car

    over $12,000

    we count the money during the session and it has to come out to the PENNY-

    wE CONstantly have to give the assembly overseer and the assembly hall overseer and the DO and CO the lastest $$ count-

    then on Sundy usually the assembly overseer would go out and read the status

    as we used to say


    we actually used to laugh at the friends in terms of how they will GIVE OUT THE YINGYANG-

    once this annoucement is made

    SO he would give the accounts report and and let;s say it was $3,000 short

    at the end of the sunday meeting when we would count the money it be $5000+ so that leaves us with about $2000 and THAT GETS SENT TO WT BECAUSE at the elders meeting on sat it was agreed by all elders AND I MEAN ALL ELDERS anything left will go to the world wide work0 $$$$$$

    now I made the mistake of asking


    I thought they were going to take out a "CAN OF WHIPA$$" ON ME- SMILE


    Lady "C" used to come home with me from the assembly hall scared to damn death why

    cause I would have anywhere from $12-15,000 dollars and most of it in CASH

    WE USED TO laugh can you imagine being a black man with $12,000 in cash and explaining that to the cops- smile

    i recall the first time i went to the bank to deposit it on that monday- i had this briefcase full of cash- there was a line in the bank and when i told the girl i needed to make a deposit and dropped that suitcase on the counter

    she almost Sh!t bricks as well as the folks standing inline, cause she had to COUNT EVERY SINGLE PENNY so she got this other lady to help her with the money counting machine and the folks in line were Pissed cause i was there a good 20-30 min

    well at any rate this is why wt will never change as i have told folks over and over STOP looking at wt as some bible fullfillment of some damn prophecy wt is a BIZ PURE AND SIMPLE

    PROBLEM IS we were all used and didn't even know it

    how sad

    just my 2

  • rocketman

    In my area the per pub rate's been at around $3-4 per publisher per day. And yeah, it stayed that way even when food service was removed.

  • Eyebrow2

    but..what about keeping things into perspective as far as the cost of the thing existing...even if the damn thing is all paid for, they still have maintenance, insurance, utilities, etc etc etc....and with the food service gone, I dont think it would make much sense that the costs would go down too much because people had to pay for the food and all the workers were volunteers.

    Now, I am not saying that maybe they are a little high, but having a piece of property as big as some of those halls are is expensive to keep up even if the hall is all paid for.

    Just my two cents....

  • rocketman

    I thought 3-4 bucks per publisher per day was fairly reasonable, even without the food. In an assembly with 1,000 pubs, that's about 8,000 dollars to run the assembly for a weekend. Each assembly we'd pay expenses, then send any extra to the Society. But I have no idea how they arrived at that figure ($3-4 per pub).

  • Makena1

    JT - you got it goin' on!

    Hope we can get together some day and compare notes!

    all best,


  • JeffT

    I work in investment real estate (both commercial and multi-family residential). I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Seattle occupied commercial property (much more complicated than an assembly hall) costs about $6 per square foot per year to operate. Using this number a building 200 feet long and 75 feet wide would cost $90,000 a year to operate. That's less than $2000 per weekend. My number doesn't include mortgage (why should there be one? it's the society's building.) or taxes (should be tax exempt.) My number also includes janitorial service, its been a long time but I seem to remember an unpaid cleaning crew, and likely many other things the Watchtower gets for free.

    From my view, these things are cash cows for the WTBS.

  • shamus

    I'm glad that some sucker paid for me, b/c I only paid $5.00 per day. If it was one day, they would get $5.00. If it was 3 days, $15.00.

    And SCREW THE FOOD SERVICE. After the first time I tried it, I went to a restaurant. They always ran out of food anyways.

    Or, how about the time they had pudding and no spoons. (doh!)

    They are such idiots. I just hated how they would make us eat their food service crap... I HATED IT!

  • SYN

    Excellent post JT, as always, keep it up

  • gumby

    Hi JT,

    I was under the impression that the reason a deficit was always showing was because they always read the accounts before the donations of the last day were figured in.

    The publishers never stop to think...."how can they be reading the accounts when we still have one days worth of donations that hasn't been figured in yet".


  • Maverick

    Thanks for the insight! The beautiful thing about this scam is how all the information is compartmentalized. To get an accurate picture you need to know the total square footage of the site, the actual annual operating costs, the general rate for similar commercial property in the area, the publisher rate being factored and the total 'take' per year. Just roughing it out, the WTS takes in tens of millions a year with their Circut Assemblies. And they give you paper in return. It's like a Weight Watchers franchise,. Rent a building, print up weekly planners, have little meeting, charge $6-10 a pop and push the program! No real product, just motivational fluff. Maverick

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