Trump Voters, Is This What You Voted For?

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  • freemindfade

    just fine

    yea I know, that sucks. I tend to be far more capitalistic. I believe in small government, ours is bloated fat ass. Dana Carvey in a standup routine said something to the effect that capitalism is like an Apple Store and Socialism is like the DMV lol

    Alright kids im clocking out of this madness for today, no more pain in the ass questions bohm

  • Finkelstein

    When you pause and think about it Trump sold himself into the White House like he was trying to sell a new vacation resort or promote a new building development.

    Lots of feel good promises of what his business was going to do for the concerning public to where is was trying to build and so forth.

    " We are going to do fabulous things, we are going to hire the best people etc etc. "

    Surprisingly a lot people actually bought into his emotive hyped up promises, not taking into account his background in being unscrupulously aggressive to win the deal.

    So now there's a guy who has one the most important and powerful political positions in the entire world who has absolutely no experience in governmental affairs or service whatsoever !

  • bohm


    I am aware that these quotes exist, but we have had 33 hearings so must be possible to put them in context, i.e. what support was actually available (as opposed to being believed by some to be available) and what actions were taken by the WH.

    Just to clarify, are you saying that requests were made to the WH (Obama and/or Hillary?) for support and these requests were denied?

    Or are you saying that requests were made elsewhere in the chain of command and these requests were denied?

    Or that help could have been sent in but wasn't?

  • freemindfade

    Happy Valentines Day

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  • bohm

    Take 9/11. I have spent a long time debunking left-wing conspiracies about 9/11, many of which revolved around the idea that the WH instantly could have scrambled F16 jets and taken down the airliners very early on and since they didn't, they must have been somehow in on it.

    This idea seems very reasonable (this is US airspace, presumably the most monitored airspace in the world, and there are airforce bases littered over the USA), but in fact it took a very long time to even get F16s in air and the pilots say that they didn't even have ammunition to shoot down the airliners but would have needed to fly into them...

  • Simon
    many of which revolved around the idea that the WH instantly could have scrambled F16 jets and taken down the airliners very early on and since they didn't, they must have been somehow in on it.

    Never heard of that.

    I think there is a good chance they shot down the one that crashed. No one is ever going to say "yes" to that though. Some lies are OK.

  • bohm

    Simon: I encountered it a few times. You can see an example of it here:

    (check the "no stand down order" item).

  • mikeflood

    They hated so much Obama, that they wanted to give the Democratic Party a lesson. Berni Sanders pushed Hillary to the extreme left losing the crucial support of the voters of the center. Also with the media they kept pushing the e mails thing one thousand times. Now enjoy Mr. Trump.

  • Spoletta

    Simon. I think Conway may be on the way out. Have you considered applying for the job? You've got the spiel down pat.

  • kepler

    Voted for third party against both. Was surprised that Trump won. And was surprised at every turn of the campaign.

    There is a problem though with trying to figure out what other people are thinking. If Trump never existed, I would still be inclined to search for American products I liked when I needed to purchase them - and be very worried every time another factory closed or moved its jobs out of the country. Now as to whether that was what had resonance with the voters that voted for him, it is hard to say. But on the other hand, I've listened to him lie, denigrate anything or anybody opposed to him and act like the President in Sinclair Lewis's "It Can't Happen Here".

    My observation is that the GOP, VP, the Speaker of the House and many in the cabinet are competent enough to run a government and might even come to a consensus if the Chief Executive would take a hike or step out on a limb far enough to get impeached. So far he's just drawing comparisons to the Richard Nixon White House in its later phases: when RN was in a funk and his staff intercepted all his messages and acted on them.

    Four more years?

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