Trump Voters, Is This What You Voted For?

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  • Landy

    Trump's presidency is descending into farce, and that's where it will stay for the next four years.

    His NSA has gone for cosying up to the Russians, his communications team can't get a coherent message out. His EO is in tatters and there isn't one metre of wall built yet.

    And this is just the first three weeks!

    I'm just looking forward to Have I Got News Foy You starting again.

  • Ruby456

    Trump pressed all the "we are victims" buttons. This is sad cos everyone has been a victim of something somewhere - and when a powerful person brings out the victim in an individual they stop thinking - this was his strategy - get elected on emotion, treat the nation as if it were a business, put the fear of god into everyone - intimidate and victimize the victims further, take the loot and blame everyone else when the project fails. psychopathic CEO

  • freemindfade
    Benghazzi attack begins 9:42 local time,
    drone ordered to fly to compound at 9:59,
    secretary of defence and joint chiefs of staff notified at 10:32,
    Obama has a meeting with joint chiefs of staff where they discuss the situation at around 11:00.
    I hope that helps!

    I was talking mostly the events that followed where Obama and Killary lied and tried to sweep it all under the rug. Quoting CNN is the other side of the Breitbart coin anyway. According to your logic in another thread that makes it unworthy of facts because of its extreme biased and tendencies towards crazy journalism.

    Why did it take military assets 18 hours to reach Benghazi??

    Why where to compounds under protected??

    Why did the Obama administration chose to focus on political considerations as the attack was still going on??

    Why did Obama not send any armed forces to fight or mount a rescue as the benghazi compound burned? He sent unarmed surveillance drones, and soldiers stepped up and self-deployed without orders to do it, real hero’s, one of which was killed in the attack.

    Why did the Obama administration create roadblocks to impede the investigation by refusing to let key witnesses testify?

    Here is some truth about this mess

    While every other Western country abandoned Libya, America's diplomatic mission remained, and stayed largely unprotected because the State Department designated it 'temporary,' removing the requirement that it have military security at all times.
    'Secretary Clinton pushed for the U.S. to intervene in Libya, which at the time represented one of her signature achievements,' the report concludes.
    'To leave Benghazi would have been viewed as her failure and prompted unwelcome scrutiny of her choices.'

    And in the most disgusting move of all was how the White House immediately spun a LIE, publicly blaming the carnage on local protests over an anti-Islam YouTube video that was made in America. Even while admitting it was Ansar al Sharia, al Qaeda’s affiliate on the Arabian Peninsula, her and Obama continued to lie to the public.

    During a senior level meeting convened at the White House just three hours into the attack – attended by senior deputies to cabinet secretaries, including Clinton's – conversations focused on how to frame the attack as a protest gone bad, not on how to ensure the safe extraction of Stevens. That makes me sick!

    Hillary also lied to the families of those killed. This is all wall documented and most people probably have no idea how ugly and deceitful Obama's administration and Hillary really were in all this.

    I have the highest respect for our soldiers and vets, and this was a pattern of disrespect towards them that I cannot stomach.

  • freemindfade

    Obama and Hillary's actions during and after Benghazi were without question vile at best, and if you can't be intellectually honest and admit that, there is something wrong with you.

  • Simon
    VI there's no point in arguing this with Simon. It has become clear that all he cares to do is attack anyone that mentions anything negative about the dear leader.

    Nope. I attack people who lie or misrepresent reality.

    He continually puts up straw man arguments and false equivalencies. Claiming people are saying things where they clearly have not. According to Simon anyone that speaks ill of the Trump is a loony leftist.

    Nope. Invalid or biased criticism should be called out. Valid criticism is more than OK. I call those on the loony left for what they are and I call out flawed arguments and (lack of) reason when I see it.

    What the hell happened to you Simon?

    I'm not hostage to a party. I decide things based on reality, not which party's leader is in office or what some Hollywood celebrity says.

    BTW: I won't put up with your insults and you mischaracterizing me indefinitely. Discuss the topic, not the poster. Address the message, not the messenger.

  • freemindfade
    What the hell happened to you Simon?

    I actually know more and more classic liberals like us getting fed up with the left, the sad thing is we have this party identification thing here, so if you aren't our brand of left your right and so on. I for one am sick of the over the top trump fanaticism and I know many other democrats that are too.

    Enough. people hyperventilate every stupid thing he does. And usually, when I research what happened compared to the news stories I realize the news is off the rails. Like when he said the stuff about praying for Arnold, clearly he was trying to be funny, I didn't find it funny, most people didn't I'm sure, but the news made it out to be the most treacherous scandal. That crap has gotten real old. And classic liberals don't want to sit in our post-election butt-hurt misery, but rather come up with a logical solution to get things back on track.

    Trump was a protest, not against the left, but to our way of conducting politics, people wanted to disrupt the system and by god it's a disruption alright! Hopefully it would get people on both sides reflection how we got here and having them fix it. Sadly I now see today that many in the GOP seem (much to my shock) more tolerant and thoughtful. They won't disavow a Milo for being openly gay, but the left will for being a conservative. I find it all very strange.

  • freemindfade

    Furthermore!!!! Saturday Night Live, an institution I have loved and adored my whole life, SUCKS! I have always loved their political satire, and some of the Trump stuff is hysterical, like the Melissa Mccarthy doing Spicer, oh my god, brilliant! But all the rest they are beating a dead horse, grabbing at low hanging fruit everyone in the world has already picked, eaten and shit out. SNL has no thought, its just become an anti-trump, Obama/Hillary worshipping shit show. They had the opportunity to capitalize on this with more brilliant stuff, like the Spicer bit, but no, they juts sucks now.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Trump's presidency is descending into farce - TBH, I think it's too early to say at the moment. But I will say what is a farce: the liberal-left's reaction to Trump; hysterical opinion pieces in left-leaning newspapers; our Speaker of the House of Commons refusing to allow Trump to address Parliament; and finally 'activist' madwomen dressing up as giant vulvas. All of that is definitely farce.

    and that's where it will stay for the next four years - yes, Trump's presidency could well end up a farce. I hope he doesn't do anything catastrophic. Mildly stupid or bigoted? Well, I can put up with that.

    His NSA has gone for cosying up to the Russians - is this good or bad?

    his communications team can't get a coherent message out - this does seem troubling.

    His EO is in tatters - again, good or bad?

    there isn't one metre of wall built yet - good or bad?

  • grassyknoll07


    A #fakenews CNN post from a year later that shows the President showing up to a prescheduled meeting. He leaves the meeting and leaves Panetta in charge.

    A high school journalist would ask... 1) Why did the President leave someone else in charge during an attack on America? 2) Who came up with the idea to blame a YouTube video? 3) Where in the timeline does it show the meeting where they strategized; not on how to defend the attack; but on how to spin this for his reelection? 3)Who called Susan Rice and told her to lie?

    Those are the questions REAL journalist would ask. Kind of what they're doing to POTUS now. They've all of a sudden discovered journalism again.

    Come on folks! brave people died and the President was more concerned about his reelection than our soldier's lives. So don't give me this crap about some Instagram post!

  • Spoletta

    Interesting that the new right defense against any criticism, is that when we speak negatively about their positions, it's because we believe that they're racists, therefore they spend their time defending themselves, rather than the policies themselves. I don't think they're racist, they just dislike or fear anyone that's not like them, or is better off than them.(Unless they're Trump or his cabinet)

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