Trump Voters, Is This What You Voted For?

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  • bohm
    What utter utter bullshit. It's all we've heard for the past 3 months !

    Well, I still haven't seen anyone actually do that (call someone a racist for bringing up the email issue). I certainly haven't.

  • Simon
    Well, I still haven't seen anyone actually do that (call someone a racist for bringing up the email issue). I certainly haven't.

    No, because it's about people voting for Trump. Your endless "I don't understand what you said" routine is getting tiresome. So is your constant posting of articles that are nothing but "what if" conjecture.

    We can't know if laws were broken yet because the facts are still not in.. since you believe the claims about election fraud should be investigated fully due to their serious nature I would suppose (?) you would also support an investigation into this question as well.

    If whoever is concerned thinks they can make a case, they should. Endless guessing in the media isn't going to do anything. It won't happen though because the dems are lazy and also have no influence right now.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Here is my 2 cents worth. Many of my Republican friends are getting very concern about how Trump administration keeps shooting themselves in the foot. They are wondering if he is going to make it. Still Totally ADD

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I originally posted this thread regarding the gross lack of security that one of his staff members did when he identified the man with the "football" duty. That is a totally unacceptable thing for any of his staff to do and should have gotten him fired immediately. It appears that Trump won't do that.

  • freemindfade

    I never thought dumping the emails was her most dispicable move because who knows what was there (since she destroyed them). Her and Obama's actions surrounding Benghazi were unforgivable to me. Utterly disgusting and disrespectful. Reptillaty was the ultimate smug, "I'm pissing on your leg but telling you its raining" politician. She unethically screwed bernie out of a shot to beat trump for her own personal intrests. She is everything people dislike about career politicians. She would have just been 4 more year of Obama. More identify politics and flushing the economy down the toilet while sending money to terrorist nations and wall street. At the end of the day the only people the left should blame for trump is themselves. End of story.

  • Simon

    Say what you like about Clinton being a self-serving politician, you can't deny all the things she's done for the African American community since the election. After all, she's worked tirelessly to ...

    ... oh, wait.

  • bohm

    After a sequence of highly targeted IC leaks, General Flynn has just resigned citing that he "briefed (...) with incomplete information". Resignation letter:

    This can be taken as a confirmation he did discuss sanctions with the Russian embassy. Let's hope there will be a proper investigation in who-knew-what now that "executive privilege" can no longer be cited as a reason not to investigate.

    The question that remains for me is this: If Flynn only discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador as per courtesy, and nobody else in the administration knew, why not simply release the tape recordings of those conversations in redacted form and keep Flynn on board?

  • grassyknoll07

    Yup! I'll disavow Trump only after he's AWOL during a Consulate Office attack and comes out the next day blaming a silly YouTube video! I will disavow him if the Media gives him a pass and furthers the lie.

    Oh; btw... until today we don't know where the Commander in Chief was during the attack. And no one in the Media ever cared to ask. He may have been snuggling with Pajama Boy while the guy with the nuclear football waited outside for orders!

    Get over it! your side lost!

  • bohm


    Benghazzi attack begins 9:42 local time,

    drone ordered to fly to compound at 9:59,

    secretary of defence and joint chiefs of staff notified at 10:32,

    Obama has a meeting with joint chiefs of staff where they discuss the situation at around 11:00.

    I hope that helps!

  • azor

    VI there's no point in arguing this with Simon. It has become clear that all he cares to do is attack anyone that mentions anything negative about the dear leader.

    He continually puts up straw man arguments and false equivalencies. Claiming people are saying things where they clearly have not. According to Simon anyone that speaks ill of the Trump is a loony leftist.

    What the hell happened to you Simon?

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