Mass Shooting at Kingdom Hall in Hamburg, Germany

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  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    joe134cd a day ago

    <snip> Please don’t let rubber face Lett onto the stage.

    No, get him up there he is the best self sabotage we could wish for on the inside.


  • Journeyman
    Letter from the CE branch

    LoyalLeon - that letter is notable for its failure to acknowledge the assistance of the "superior authorities", in particular the armed police and paramedics. Some news reports at the time said that officers were on a training course nearby and had been able to attend swiftly, which likely prevented fewer casualties as the perpetrator fled upstairs away from the arriving cops.

    Also, even allowing for the possibility of poor translation, the phrase "We are pleased to inform you" does seem in poor taste. Surely just "A special funeral program is planned..." would have been more appropriate (and the Org does love the word "special"). Not sure it was necessary to mention the attendance of a GB member ahead of time either. Again, a contrast with the past, where GB1.0 would never have "blown a trumpet" before themselves about attending such an event.

    It will be interesting to see if any reports come out of that funeral event regarding the talk(s) given and their tone and content.

  • Nikolaus

    Churches are conducting an ecomenic service on Sun 5.p.m. at St. Petri Church in Hamburg. They also invited the JW but they declined and were upset because they were allegedly not involved in the plans.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ''Not a single word of praise or gratitude to the police and authorities for their prompt intervention that probably saved many more lives .,,""

    Of course not, What did you expect..

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    There was a special forces armed unit or whatever very close to the KH at the time of the shooting and their very prompt arrival undoubtedly saved many lives. A sister in our congregation said this was clearly Jehovah's direction to save so many. I despair.


  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    They will have their own memorial service for the victims of the attack in Hamburg. “The feelings of the bereaved, as well as surviving victims, are of priority for the arrangements of the service” says their spokesman.

    None of them will ever enter a church building for "false" religious services thinking it's not "true" worship.

    Download press release as pdf:

  • sektenausstieg

    the special force is running around Hamburg and was incidentally there. Nothing about Jehovas direction.

  • Diogenesister

    The memorial service will be attended by a member of the Governing Body, who take the lead in coordinating the Witnesses’ international activities, as well as representatives of World Headquarters and the Central Europe branch. they admit the Governing Body are in charge, eh? Have to remember that next time they try to weasel out of responsiblility for anything.

  • sektenausstieg

    no - we think they only want to make a special witness.

  • Fisherman
    Self-defense can be violent, but that doesn’t legally make me an assailant for not being the victim

    Sadly, it does in the US. Or rather it can be be construed that way. In other countries they may give you a medal of honor, maybe but not in the US. Like I stated previously, have fun defending a civil lawsuit or criminal charges against a prosecutor who has zero interest in justice and just wants to win. You have zero idea what you are up against. Wises thing to do is to surrender your money when being robbed and to use the least force when being attacked even if someone breaks into your home. If your actions are not based on fear but on anger as you post appears to show, that will be used against you. because you will definitely be sued if you hurt someone and the DA will also evaluate the force you used.

    One example is Bernie Getz who was definitely being mugged. At first he was hailed a hero but then look what happened to him. He was being robbed by many assailants and used deadly force —but he was angry. So he got himself into a legal mess.

    Another recent example is a father who saw his child being segsually assaulted and killed the guy. Now he is wearing an orange jumpsuit. There are tons of others. At the very least it will cost you tons of money. Obviously, if you truly are in fear of your life and can’t get away, then using force to defend yourself may be your only choice even if costs you all your money to defend legal proceedings and even if you wind up in jail. In the US criminals have rights too. Let’s say you set up a device to trap someone breaking into your property and someone with criminal intention breaks into your property and is injured by your trap, you may be held civilly and criminally liable. Lets say someone breaks into your home at night with you inside and you unalive that person, you may also be legally liable. Lets say you have a sign saying beware of dog and someone is bit by your violent dog, you may be legally liable. If you don’t like US laws, that’s the way they cut the cookie. Don’t call me fishy face because you don’t like good information.

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