Mass Shooting at Kingdom Hall in Hamburg, Germany

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  • Samcats

    I just watched it on YouTube

  • LoyalLeon

    only available 'til Sunday, so stated the Press Release

    yes I wondered what Tight Pants Tony might have thought when seeing the sister playing the violin

    and Gajus Glockentin speaking of divine "grace" a word not heard at a Witness meeting for decades

    the talk by branch committee member Dirk Ciupek was excellent, as all of his talks, the infomercial by Mark Sanderson less so

  • Nikolaus

    To be fair, the talk by Ciupek was indeed impressive. From their perspective a good choice of speaker. Well, usually they shoot their own knee.

    Sanderson did not really fit the ceremony, and the prayer by Gajus Glockentin was for me hard to listen to. I thought he would be starting crying any time, on the other hand I felt that it was staged.

  • Diogenesister

    I just listened to Mark Sanderson's part.

    If only the governing body would stick to such speeches, or direct their people which such ideas, we would have little to criticise them with. Sadly their interference in witnesses lives, as we know, goes much further than merely offering comfort and hope.

    I'm certainly glad he made it plain that such tragedy befalling the victim's bears no reflection on their character (because some witnesses are wont to pass these judgements). He also included all who "ministered to the victims" in his prayers, which was a nice nod to the police & medics. Though he could have mentioned them more specifically.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Just cold and heartless...hey?

  • peacefulpete
    JWs are just people in an unhealthy religion.
  • Diogenesister

    Editing the above:

    Apologies! I listened to his whole speech on Kimmy's channel and I was wrong. Marc did specifically mention the police risking their lives and thanked both they and the medics on behalf of all JWs. He also spoke of their gratitude at the outpouring of love and support Jehovah's Witnesses had received from people worldwide, following this tragedy.

    Credit where credit is due, it was a good speech.

  • Samcats

    Really??? Sanderson seemed robotic to me in stark contrast to others. Did thank responders but nothing for the victims. Really had nothing to say that couldn't have been done better and in German by another of the speakers

    Thankfully his part was relatively short

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    Sanderson thanks all the armed police.

    these same people are the ones Sanderson is expecting to come after all JWs hidden in bunkers when the great trib starts

  • Balaamsass2

    Once again this was a tragic event. However, I am interested in how this affects the thinking process of the rank-and-file JW. For decades JWs read and heard how the "Angels protect JWs in service and at meetings". Obviously, when the GB canceled all meetings in person for 2 years they didn't believe Jehovah could stop a virus. (Our local Pentecostal Churches kept meeting in person believing god would protect them from snakebites, poison, or COVID).

    How has this affected any PIMI JWs you know?

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