Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • blondie

    I can confirm that many Bethelites imbibe too much. Everyone I knew and visited, when I asked what gift I could bring it was 2 bottles of some high end liquor. I went to parties at Bethel and was astonished at the amount that others were drinking. I even knew Bethelites that bought it for Bethelites too young to legally purchase it! One time these young men got bombed and decided to play tackle football in the back 40 out of sight around midnight. One fell and broke his leg and they come up with some plausible excuse. My estimation of the superior holiness of jws at Bethel evaporated.

    I can say the same about Friday parties at hotels before Saturday and after sessions on Saturday attended by elders and their wives.. The trash cans would be overflowing with empties (I wondered what the maids thought?) There were many a judicial matter that came out of those parties. BTW, hubbie and I were invited but when we saw the orgy going on, we left. Wow!

  • tiki

    Poor Tony....can't even stock up without getting ragged on by the damned apostates..... But..what I find shocking is that he completely failed to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to informally witness! Why didn't he turn the conversation into how bad things are and how he and his heavenly hosts will soon devastate one and all?? Ahhh.....spirit willing...flesh weak.

    Wonder who was at his party.....

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Okay so maybe Tony Morris isn't a drunken brawler as 1 Timothy 3:3 states! None the less, can we all agree that he is a drunk...I mean 12+ bottles of 86 proof!

  • Phoebe

    I'm with Sir82 and JW GoneBad

    He isn't a regular guy. If he was we wouldn't be making such a deal over this.

    This man has a profound effect on people's lives. Your families lives. He condemns people. Judges people. He lambastes people for not going out in the ministry enough. Tells them they have blood on their hands. He dictates to people how they will live their lives. With his cronies, he tries to control everything. Their clothes. Their education. Their future. He relishes being part of God's killing machine at 'Armageddon' and he arrogantly refers to Jesus as his 'big brother'

    I know JWs who think the GB live like monks. Small cell like rooms. Basic food. No comforts. They have no idea the lavish lifestyle they have and they contribute huge amounts of money they can't afford to fund it and worse, they are riddled with guilt because they wish they had the 'faith' the GB have.

    Tony Morris is no regular man doing a regular thing and I hope this video clip bites him where it hurts - hard.

  • Gorbatchov

    It is sad, isn't it? At the end just a normal guy like you and me.


  • slimboyfat

    Not like me. I don’t like alcohol, never drink it. I can’t relate to be honest.

  • joe134cd

    “Top shelf tony”. Tooo much. I think this might be the thing that rolls him. Oh I’m so hoping so. Lol. Out to buy a sneaky drink. Hell im lucky if I brought a six pack of supermarket beer net a lone top shelf spirits. Good times at Tony’s place.

  • Finkelstein

    I think worse Gorby, he's a card carrying hypocrite.

    He reminds me of some the elders in my old Hall , they all drove Cadillacs or Mercedes, wore the most expensive suits, and at times gave talks on the ills and unrighteousness of materialism .

    This guy is a fat pig self righteous materialist of the worst kind.

    I bet there are few guys regretting bringing this guy into the GB circle of power of the WTS.

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  • cofty

    I enjoy a single malt and The Macallan is a good choice. I can't begin to imagine buying 12 bottles at once. I often get given a bottle at xmas or birthday and it lasts for weeks or even months. Anybody who can afford to buy a case at a time has a serious amount of disposable income. Unless he was buying for all his GB buddies then he has a drink problem.

  • Finkelstein

    Remember the other spiritual leader of the JWS J Rutherford ?

    He too drove the most expensive cars and was known for drinking and lavish lifestyle. not to mention living with his mistress (Adultery) when he was separated from his wife.

    Jah chooses the most righteous and humble people for his earthly arrangement !

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