Parents were JWs. Baptized in 1967 aged 13 and 'vacation' pioneered in all the school holidays. Regular pioneer straight from school. Parents devout JWs. Very strict. Childhood was traumatic, our family put on a facade at meetings but my parents tore each other to bits (literally) almost every day. My much older brother sexually assaulted me when I was about 5/6. (He's an elder by the way) My childhood had a profound affect on me. By 19 I was on anti-depressants. Left home and stopped going to meetings for awhile during which I married a womanising idiot. Lived in Canada/U.S.A. Had two children. Divorced the idiot. Moved back to U.K. married wonderful pioneer/M.S and had another child. Husband went out of the truth. Burnt himself out pioneering. No one cared. Carried on attending meetings. Got cancer, then depression. Kept going. Kids went to Uni thereby causing the congregation to ostracize me. Still kept going. 2016 taken to hospital with anxiety and high BP. Doctor sent me to a psychologist. Wrote to my brother asking for an apology - twice. He ignored it. Elders knew and said they'd support me then they started avoiding me. They refused to talk to me about it. After all I'd been through it was the final nail in the coffin. Husband was watching Youtube, telling me about it. I wouldn't listen at first but I Started watching videos, bought CofC and read it in two days. Scales fell off my eyes. Walked out of a meeting right in the middle and never went back. After 50 years baptized. Went through agony when I discovered TTATT but feeling much better now.