Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • 2+2=5

    Some of the attempts to play it down are just as speculative and silly.

    If he’s a corporate guy his corporation is based on very conservative values, and this is a PR disaster at the least.

    Buying the same type of grog does not make the most likely explanation gifts.

    I’m looking at my bar right now, about 30+ bottles of various spirits, vodkas, rum, gin etc, a few single malt whiskeys, plenty of cheap rubbish, presented on 3 nice shelves. Some of those bottles are years old, in fact most of them are 2+ yrs old, except the odd few.

    The odd few are the ones I drink, these get bought more often.

    Recently after doing a friend a favour, they kindly bought me two bottles of the same thing because they know it’s what I like to drink.

    It’s not a staple, single malt whiskey or any alcohol for that matter, it’s a luxury. It’s a luxury that Mr Morris cannot afford.

    I would say he cannot afford to be seen spending that much $ on alcohol in public. It’s the life he’s created for himself, he deserves everything he gets.

  • 2+2=5

    Hey MMM, do you understand that one does not need to get drunk, slur your words and stumble around drunk, to develop alcohol dependence?

  • Giordano

    We may be going a tad overboard on poor (oops not so poor) old Tony.

    Maybe he's buying for the entire G Body?

    Using his own money?

    Rationing one bottle a month?

    Conserving gas by doing a year's worth of drinking with a one off trip?

    A 10 to 15 Percent discount if you buy 10 or more bottles?

    Using a green handshake from a well to do brother?

    Always mumbles a prayer before he opens a fresh bottle?

    Says up late drinking and calling close friends until they hang up on him?

    Booze helps to hide the pain when hanging out with the rest of the GB?

    If he's back in 12 days does that mean he has a problem?

    His hero was the notorious Alcoholic......... Rutherford?

    He's not sure there will be booze in paradise and he's stocking up ahead of time?

  • BourneIdentity

    Whoever is speculating that Tight Pants Tony was purchasing gifts for the Gilead class, I'm not buying it. Tony is so full of himself, why would he be delegated to go out on a Sunday drive to purchase gifts, when one of his minions could do it? Who buys very expensive whiskey or scotch as a gift for a large group of people anyways? You'd normally buy a group of people a nicer bottle of wine, it takes a particular taste in alcohol to desire the taste of whiskey or scotch. This was clearly either all for Tony to last him awhile, or for him and his buddies on the Governing Body. It would not surprise me one bit when they have their spiritual discussions and decide on "New Light", that they are all sipping back on those drinks. I am starting to wonder now if Tony tips back a few before getting on the broadcast. I'm sure anyone would be nervous thinking millions will be watching you when it's released, so I'm sure a stiff drink or two would help you get through it. When you factor in the crazy things he says, along with his speech sounding slurred at times, you almost have to expect he's under the influence, he has to be.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Hey MMM, do you understand that one does not need to get drunk, slur your words and stumble around drunk, to develop alcohol dependence?

    Hey 2+2=5, And purchasing 12 bottles at a time doesn’t imply dependence. I’m trying to work out the principles behind the reasons why this is viewed as a scandal. Nobody is offering any clarity...

    So you think he is dependent?

  • BourneIdentity

    MMM, it is of my opinion that this is such a big scandal due to the man involved. You know, the most judgmental prick on the planet, the holier than thou, the man who’s shit doesn’t stink like the rest of us.

  • BourneIdentity

    I’m sorry if I’m coming across as upset, but it really bothers me that he has the gall to tell little children they can pass up on the ice cream and send their $$$ to the Society, but he has no problem buying $100 bottles of booze. It’s downright sickening.

  • redvip2000
    He is the one demanding 8 million others practice austerity so as to contribute their surplus to the cult. Twelve bottles of top-end single malt deserves an explanation.
    Yes agreed, and to me is the only angle that you can tackle this from. All of the other arguments seen here are nonsense when you stack them against the doctrinal positions of the organization.
    Tony Morris is free to buy as many liquor bottles as he wants. It doesn't mean that he is a drunk, and it actually doesn't necessarily means he wasting donation money either. However, you can't square these types of purchases against the idea that the organization needs money to help in the world wide work, especially when other folks in bethel can barely afford to go to the movies so that all funds are to support the "work".
  • Jehalapeno
    when one of his minions could do it?

    Why would a governing body member be shopping side by side with newboy bethelites for their own groceries in the Bethel commissary when they could get a minion to do it? (true story - I'm a former bethelite)

    Look, these guys are manipulative assholes, but there's a lot of speculation going on here that just isn't founded in fact.

  • redvip2000
    Ok, so the GB should not buy liquor at all because it could be used for “more important things”? What if he bought iced cream, which seems equally useless?

    In fact yes. If he purchased $800 of any non-essential item including ice cream, to me it would totally be unethical when mapped to what the organization claims about simplicity, priorities, and putting the kingdom first.

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