Tony Morris video footage of him buying a dozen bottles of scotch

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  • mynameisnotimportamt

    The issue to me is this:

    1. Mr Morris and spouse are retirees with, from what I've been able to glean form the web, not exactly spectacular career paths. So maybe they have their SS benefits. Maybe, and its a big maybe, some military pension although you need to be in for 20 years to receive. Let's just agree that they, like many retirees are on a limited income.

    2. Most retirees on said limited income do not drop close to a G on booze of any kind.

    3. Mr Morris does not have to pay for housing, meals, medical care, transportation, travel. Indeed it's easier to list the things he doesn't have to pay for than what most retirees pay for out of pocket.

    4. Because of the fact that he doesn't have to pay for life's necessities he can afford to buy LOTS of single malt.

    Dedicated funds or not, his lifestyle is being enabled by donations to the worldwide work.

    If you're a wealthy retiree living a quiet life and want to drop thousands on booze, a salud!

    If your very existence is being funded by the people who you take every opportunity to berate, and you want to lead a lifestyle in diametric opposition to what you preach, then you deserve to called out for your bad behavior.

  • Jehalapeno
    then you deserve to called out for your bad behavior.

    lol bad behavior?'s like arguing with #resist people insisting there was Trump-Russia collusion.

    The bad behavior isn't what he's doing in this video...

    The bad behavior is what he preaches!

  • BourneIdentity
    If this liquor store visit was done by a rank and file member, it isn't anything worth talking about. Although you know very well if the elders got wind of it, they would sit down with the person and ask how it would look to other JWs or more importantly, to people in the world that have seen them come to their door in the past.

    This is 10x worse with Tony. Like someone mentioned earlier, the notoriety of it all. The difference between private reproof and disfellowshipping in many cases is all based on notoriety, nothing about the persons repentance. It's all about the image of the Organization, that's what it is all about and will always be about. He expects the rank and file members to live the truth 24/7 and never put themselves into a situation where they are afraid to preach the good news. By his self righteousness, most would assume that's what he does. But it turns out, he's no different than you or I.

    I just observe his demeanor during his talks and how unhappy, bitter, critical and judgemental he is. Think of what a contrast he is to Jesus and how he treated his apostles and followers. Tony, please read your Bible more and drink less.
  • cofty
    When they are living their private lives, it's off limits UNLESS it clearly shows that they are contravening their own rules — Simon

    Spending over 800 dollars on booze is contrary to their own counsel to live modestly and use financial resources wisely. If it is for personal use then it seriously calls into question his suitability to serve as an 'appointed man'.

    I agree many of the comments on this thread have been ridiculous but there are serious questions to be answered. At the very least is is rank hypocrisy.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I just called the legal Department of JWs to discuss this video pretending to be deeply concerned (just to have some fun🤣). The person on the other end replied: "Tony Morris...Who!" as though the name was foreign to him. He then admitted to GB Tony Morris and assured me he would take this matter to higher-ups!

  • Stealth

    This would be a real scandal if Top Shelf Tony would have purchased a dozen cigars at the same time.

    The booze could be gifts for others. We really don't know. It could be a years supply. We really don't know.

    What do we really know from this video? Tony is a fat fVck who obviously spends little to no time trying to stay fit.

  • fulano

    I dont think he is an alcoholic, drinking a bottle a day would be to costly, maybe he just likes a glass of two or three at night, so what? One thing that is typical among the “higher ups” that they have always money and spend lots. Branch overseers, one vacation to California and coming back to their third world assignment, bang.. a brand new car or van. I mean, I make good money now (8-10.000 € a month)and like malts (not this one but the islays are my favorit) but would think twice to spend 800 dollars just on bying whisky. It means to me he is used to manage a lot of cash, imho.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    "Leave The Bottle!"

    Toxic Tony strikes me as the kind of guy...if he were in a bar he'd tell the barkeep..."leave the bottle!"🤣

  • steve2

    The bad behavior is what he preaches!

    Disagree. The bad behaviour is that he doesn't practise what he preaches: Ice cream money goes into donation box; liquor money = okay to spend estimated $800 on expensive malt whisky likely from donated money..

  • mynameisnotimportamt

    So just to reiiterate, Mr Jehalapini sees that buying booze is not bad behavior. I agree.

    Funding a hypocritical lifestyle with other peoples money is.

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