Proof of God

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  • waton
    Not only Langan but Galileo, Darwin, Newton, Einstein and Franklin .

    & Lagrange . They all lived in areas where you have only one harvest a year. time to think, having to hoard supplies.

    God must have created these latitudes to get the results that explained how things work. by math. mostly.

  • cofty
    @cofty - Yes we are still haunted by the same colors. Now they are only vertically different - Brazil

    Sorry I don't understand your comment.

    You asked how atheists explain the need for humans to believe in a god. Did you read my reply?

    Did you find it helpful? Do you have any questions about it?

  • cofty
    It’s the ultimate God of the universe I think most are interested in - SBF

    So the question is whether an unknown and unknowable god exists.

    A 'god' that doesn't communicate, didn't create, doesn't interfere in life in any way, doesn't answer prayer, didn't inspire any holy books, doesn't provide any moral guidance, doesn't provide any direction for living or hope for the future.

    How exactly is this not identical to a god who doesn't exist?

  • smiddy3

    MrDantastic started a topic "Proof of God" 6 days ago challenging people `s beliefs one way or another and we haven`t heard a word from him since and yet we have gone 7 pages in discussion .

    What should that tell us ?

  • waton
    What should that tell us ?

    It somehow fits the description of the individual described by cofty 10 minutes ago.

  • humbled

    waton....that’s it.


  • zeb

    At a time when I was being ragged by colleagues for my beliefs and, I never went on about them it was just known..a colleague of many years said to me from his years of merchant navy experience during war time.. "There are no atheists at sea."

    So what you see or dont to me depends on your life experiences. But that is just me.

  • waton
    So what you see or dont to me depends on your life experiences. But that is just me.

    Yeah, if you are working all your life to produce good stuff, or as a mother care for the children, and see the great job required to do that on a universal scale, you see the maker of that with awe. not a god, but as a worker. now,

    If you think of being that creator, the last thing you would want is to be bothered all the rest of your life with having to listen to gripes and fiddling to fix, so you make it in such a way that it keeps going on autopilot, so,

    look at the work, there is your "picture" of the creator, forget about god, for god's sake.

    The bible got one thing right. The creator never asked to be worshipped, he has no ship on his shoulder, sacrificing religions was a Cain and Abel invention. not a demand by the creator.

  • cofty

    Waton - You are describing a deist god.

    A cursory glance at the unnecessary suffering he caused condemns him as a moral monster.

    Zeb - the 'no atheists in a foxhole' trope is demonstrably untrue. Many atheists face death with dignity and clarity.

  • Ex-JWs Brazil
    Ex-JWs Brazil


    World Cup 2014

    Germany 7 x 1 Brazil

    World Cup 2018

    Belgium 2 x 1 Brazil

    Look at their flags... Lol

    BTW belief in God it's a gift. If you don't have it then you don't have it. Belief in God it's not achieved by persuasive reasoning.

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