Proof of God

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  • cofty

    blownaway you are being a pedant.

    Question - Can I can prove that god does not exist?

    Answer - Yes.

    Two provisos as follows ....

    1 - By 'god' I mean the god of christian theism, the god and father of Jesus.

    2 - By 'prove' I mean prove beyond all reasonable doubt. Prove to the same degree of certainty that I am sure pink unicorns don't exist.

    If by 'god' you mean some ambiguous notion of an ethereal, undefined and unkowable 'spirit' being then you need to go away and think about your question a bit more. Then when you are ready to define your terms we can talk some more.

    If by 'prove' you mean as in the sense of a mathematical proof then you are confused about epistemology.

  • _Morpheus

    Only a fool doubts the existence of Thor. We see the lightning. We hear the thunder. We have no frost giants bothering us.

    Case closed.

  • dabster
    Why would you give agnostics any thought? Since, in your view, there is no God, what does it matter that some people don't know whether God exists or not? - dabster

    An agnostic is NOT somebody who can't decide whether or not god exists. This is a common misunderstanding. An agnostic is a position that whether or not god exists is unknowable.

    Thanks for your prompt reply, cofty.

    So let me understand you correctly. While an agnostic is not somebody who can't decide whether or not God exists - which you understand me to be saying when I say "some people don't know whether God exists or not",

    An agnostic is a position that whether or not god exists is unknowable.

    Your sentence is a bit, well, muddled but the key bit is "is unknowable". Now then, how is that any different from my "some people don't know whether God exists or not"?

    There's plenty in the rest of what you say that we could also tease out - another time, perhaps - but people want me to work for them right now.

  • dubstepped
    Screw belief in god, does anyone believe that the OP truly exists? The Dantastic one starts an account, posts, and then disappears. I just think it's funny that he started this and we're four pages in but he's nowhere to be found. I'm not sure I believe that he truly is Dantastic after all. I'm dantappointed in him.
  • blownaway

    cofty, you can not prove anything does not exist. Reasonable doubt is not proof. To prove god does not exist in your garage may be provable, To prove god any god or unicorn does not universally exist is not possible. Not for you or any human that is. To prove god does not universally exist is to prove beyond all possible doubt. You can not. So your idea of proof takes some faith. You can not prove beyond all doubt that any god or any unicorn does not exist somewhere in the universe. Just deal with it.

  • Ireneus

    Earth is like a tiny dust particle in comparison with the rest of universe. Hence on one on earth is qualified to say God doesn't exist.

  • cofty

    blownaway - As I said you are being a pedant.

    Pink unicorns don't exist. God doesn't exist. These two statements are equally certain.

    'Proof' in the sense you are using it belongs only to mathematicians where is equates to tautology.

    When asked whether they believe that pink unicorns exist nobody witters on about proving a negative and claims to be an agnostic about pink unicorns. So why is the god question any different?

  • slimboyfat

    Because the existence of God explains the existence of the reality, its configuration for life, and human consciousness, all of which cry out for explanation. The idea of a “pink unicorn” doesn’t seem to help explain anything.

  • cofty

    The idea of 'god' explains nothing. It tries to replace one mystery with an even bigger one.

    As soon as you compare the claims made about 'god' with reality, you run up against impossible contradictions at every turn.

    On the other hand pink unicorn farts explain rainbows.

  • slimboyfat

    As I understand it rainbows are a result of light refracting through moisture in the lower atmosphere. I have not heard of a serious alternative explanation involving unicorns.

    For many people the idea of God explains why there is something rather than nothing, because he is understood to be a being outside of material reality who is the ultimate cause of everything that exists. For many people this makes more sense than simply asserting that reality exists and no further explanation is required or even possible.

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