Proof of God

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  • Giordano

    As far as a god existing there's a wee bit of a problem these days. That old canard that...... "There must be a god that made the universe. Because the universe couldn't have just happened....."

    Guess what just got discovered?

    Astronomers in Australia have discovered a super-massive black hole that's expanding faster then any other seen before--a cosmic behemoth devouring the mass equivalent of the sun every two days. Expanding at a rate of 1 percent every million years, the observed black hole is roughly the size of 20 billion suns. An average black hole is about 50 times larger then the Sun. The friction and heat produced by the gases being sucked in make it shine"thousands of times more brightly than an entire galaxy,"
    Says lead researcher Christian Wolf from from the Australian National University.

  • waton
    devouring the mass equivalent of the sun every two days

    perhaps going back to where it came from, or as some opine, into a different bubble of the multiverse,

    none of this is proof that there is a "god" as we know her or not.

    just proving that there is work in progress.

  • Whynot

    @galaxie to be honest there isn't any hard evidence that I can prove. It could just be a strong coincidence.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Peoples ideas of god vary too much to prove anything, proof of a biblical deity would be impossible as there is none.

  • Dunedain

    I am an Atheist, i swear to God, i really am.

  • waton

    try to put everything in perspective, think what you can create in your lifetime, in a pile or compilation, then look at the universe. Even if it made itself, it was a great set up, like the making of a new human, that for all purposes makes itself.

  • Crazyguy

    The best proof of god I’ve seen is those two galaxies that collided. Yep total proof there’s a god and he has complete control of his creations.

  • waton
    galaxies that collided. Yep total proof there’s a god and he has complete control of his creations.

    Our most advanced science is done by collisions,-- of Protons.(slightly smaller)

    Collisions might be one of the most advanced tools in the creator's arsenal too!

    a galactic collision is a fly-through by the way. the next extra galactic star coming by would be 2 light years away.

  • dabster
    Personally I don't believe in agnostics. They are just muddled about the question.


    Why would you give agnostics any thought? Since, in your view, there is no God, what does it matter that some people don't know whether God exists or not? You seem bent on having people believe as you do. Why? Perhaps you feel better about yourself if others agree with you - but even then, why you would need to is beyond me. What does it matter that others do? What does it matter if people are muddled?

    I haven't been here in years but remember you as one of the more vocal members. Why wouldn't it be as acceptable for someone to believe in God as you would presumably argue it is for you not to?

  • Ireneus

    “The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being.” (Principia Mathematica, Sir Isac Newton). Like Newton there are many scientists who see evidence for the existence of a Supreme Organizer. Whether such ones are a minority or materialists are a majority matters not.

    Problem is that people often look for high-profile reasoning for the existence of God. I have found proof for the existence of a Supreme Organizer in simple things. It is observed that there are some plants that wilt and die if enough care is not given. Dry soils cause plants to wilt. Why even wet soils can also cause plants to wilt. Plants grown in containers that do not have holes in the bottom for drainage, can be overwatered. As a results, roots rot and drown without sufficient oxygen in the soil. Outdoors, heavy rains can drown the roots.… How did such tender ones survive till today? This shows designer is also a Master Care-Giver.

    Using symbols of lilies and birds, Jesus describes God as one who looks after everything. He looks after every living creature, and feeds each one according to its time. Here what is being highlighted is that sustenance is real, something we all depend on, which means Sustainer is more real (in much the same as saying if robbery is real, robbers are more real). If each one were taking according to his need (rather than greed), sustenance would have been felt more pronounced and The Sustainer would have received more acceptance!

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