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  • punkofnice

    Atheist me. This doesn't mean I agree with other atheists on stuff. Neither do I belong to an atheist club/church.

    I don't give a monkeys what other atheists say (whether celebrity atheists on TV or not). I either see evidence or I don't.

    I don't think there is a god.If there is it isn't obvious. I know darned well that the so called holy books of the world are all the thought and words of mere humans. It shows. I've observed and done it myself when I was a tends to do mental gymnastics to make thing fit their belief. You se it in political parties all the time.

    I thing Carl Sagan's 'Invisible Dragon' is worth a read...and it's only a few paragraphs, if that.

    People will believe what they will. It's when they harm others because of it that they need a good kick up the arse.

  • cofty
    Why would you give agnostics any thought? Since, in your view, there is no God, what does it matter that some people don't know whether God exists or not? - dabster

    An agnostic is NOT somebody who can't decide whether or not god exists. This is a common misunderstanding. An agnostic is a position that whether or not god exists is unknowable.

    For the reasons I explained above this problem only arises because people are allowed to equivocate about the meaning of 'god'. If we insist that the one posing the question defines what they mean by 'god' then we can give a definite answer.

    You seem bent on having people believe as you do. Why?

    This is a religious discussion forum. When people raise topics about belief in god it is appropriate to comment on god. That is how a discussion works.

    Perhaps you feel better about yourself if others agree with you

    I don't care if every other person on the planet is a religious fundamentalist. It would make no difference at all to my position. I know what I believe and why. The agreement or approval of others is of no interest to me.

    What does it matter if people are muddled?

    Discussion and exchange of ideas can help make others less muddled. I know I have learned a lot through discussion here and have adjusted my position on some topics accordingly. Some people prefer to live in a thought bubble where nobody ever challenges their precious opinions. If that is you then you would be better to avoid religious discussion forums.

    I haven't been here in years but remember you as one of the more vocal members.

    In other words somebody who makes an effort to contribute to discussions.

    Why wouldn't it be as acceptable for someone to believe in God as you would presumably argue it is for you not to?

    It is perfectly acceptable. It is also acceptable that we use facts and reasoning to challenge each other's opinions. That is how we avoid falling for bullshit.

  • cofty
    How did such tender ones survive till today? - Ireneus

    Species adapt to wet, dry, hot conditions by evolution through natural selection. Compare a cactus with a water lily.

    Jesus describes God as one who looks after everything. He looks after every living creature, and feeds each one according to its time.

    Every non-human creature who has ever lived died of hunger, thirst, exposure, predation, disease or parasites.

    You need to get your knowledge of the natural world from a source other than Walt Disney.

  • slimboyfat

    There are different kinds of agnosticism. Some agnostics think that the question of whether there is a God is unknowable. Other agnostics think that it is possible the question may be settled but that they do not have sufficient basis on which to settle the issue at present. I find myself agreeing with the latter outlook.

    These two broad strands of agnosticism do not exhaust the different ways the term has been used and applied.

  • punkofnice

    Having thunk about it, I don't like the label 'atheist' or any other labels come to that. I accept in many cases it's just a means to an end in identifying a stance. However, the label seems to cast dark nasturtiums on an individual.

    I live my life. I don't think god exists. I think that when we die, it's game over no returning.

    I'll either find out or not.

    As far as debate goes....I don't feel too motivated to always join in. I have a life to run.

    Proof of god? There is none otherwise we'd all believe the same. Now my energy has faded.

  • blownaway

    This objection comes up frequently.

    The question 'can you prove there is no god?' is utterly meaningless because the word god has an endless number of meanings as we have already seen in this thread.

    If somebody asked me whether I could prove beyond reasonable doubt that the god of Jesus does not exist I would not hesitate to say yes I can.

    What people usually mean is 'can you prove that something that I could put the god label on and which I refuse to define in advance does not exist?' then the only sensible reply is 'go away and think about your question'.

    Personally I don't believe in agnostics. They are just muddled about the question
    You can not prove a universal negative. It is impossible for you to travel to every part of the universe and turn over every rock and say nope no god here. You are deluding yourself if you think you can. It does not matter what god you are talking about. Just as I can not prove there is not a gold tea pot orbiting Plut. I doubt there is but I can not prove there is not. I doubt god exits but I can not prove it. You can say you don't believe god exists but you can not say with any truth that you know. You don't know. Intelligent people know their limitations and you seem to not know yours.
  • venus

    God, as introduced by religions, does not exist.

    Yet true God exists—He makes the provisions for enjoyment of life, and gives the management to humans, who in turn begin to worship greed which turns the earth into a hell.

    When the body is in a state of well-being, the mind functions well, and it probes beneath the surface, creates poetry, glorifies God …etc. But when the body does not enjoy a state of well-being, or there is some sort of suffering the mind does not see anything other than the physical disturbance or such suffering which obscures his reasoning. That means if paradise had continued till now, and if no religions had appeared to misrepresent God, no one would have thought about possibility of non-existence of God.

  • ttdtt

    Blownaway - does it take FAITH to say that Thor, Leprechauns, and Mermaids don't exist?

  • Giordano

    Eric Hoffer summed it up. "I am a gentle cynic.....I don't care if there is a god or not."

    Of course there are gods, every culture has built a god that represents their culture and traditions.

    Unfortunately the JW's have made their god Jehovah into a household pet.

    The kind of pet that is happy to see you when you show up. Becomes sad when you leave.

    In the JW world ....... god, is a pet and also the Creator of all that you can see, taste and touch.

    The problem with all of these invented god's is that they don't communicate very well. Their natural language is silence... any thing we know about our gods is a bad translation of that silence.

  • Crazyguy

    Black holes, what kind of god makes black holes??

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