Proof of God

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  • JW_Rogue
    How Atheists explain this phenomenon? Is it only a coincidence? Why the idea of God is the most popular idea in a Godless world?

    The human brain naturally (through evolution) likes to order and classify things, the idea that something is simply unknowable is simply unsatisfactory. The concept of God is great way to classify the unknowable. In addition it allows us humans to create a God that we feel reflects our humanity and values. This is the reason that God always seems to be redefined as society's values change.

  • slimboyfat

    According to YouTube the smartest man in the world says there is a God and heaven. And as I suspected, consciousness is the key. So there we have it folks!

  • redvip2000
    cofty, you can not prove anything does not exist. Reasonable doubt is not proof. To prove god does not exist in your garage may be provable, To prove god any god or unicorn does not universally exist is not possible.

    @blowaway, you are somewhat confused. Most atheists (like myself) are not making a claim that god does not exist. Making that claim as a certainty, would then require evidence, which like you said, is not possible.

    Thus, atheists simply don't believe in God. Just as much I don't believe in Bigfoot. I don't believe it, because there is no evidence for it, but of course I cannot claim one does exist.

    In summary the default position for believing in the existence of something, should be negative until it is proven true, and this is the position that atheists have in relation to God. Calling yourself agnostic in my mind is just an attempt to embellish an atheist position.

    If someone asks you if you believe in God, the answer "I don't know" is not a good one. The question is not if you know one exists, it is if you BELIEVE. Logically, since you don't know, the answer should be no. That is atheism.

  • cofty

    I agree Redvip2000 however I would go a step further.

    When somebody asks whether god exists I think it is a mistake to even attempt to answer the question.

    FIRST the person asking the question should be obliged to define 'god'. Taken one god at a time we can state positively that he does not exist.

  • Xanthippe

    Thanks SBF, interesting man.

  • slimboyfat

    Cofty I think it’s pretty clear that the God you don’t believe in doesn’t exist. We can agree on that.

    It’s the ultimate God of the universe I think most are interested in,

    You have a classic “yeti or Loch Ness monster theory of God” approach to the question, as described by Terry Eagleton. This is the idea that the existence of God can be approached the same way as the existence of a mythical creature can be proved on the basis of empirical evidence on a case by case basis. This theory doesn’t take into account that many believers do not conceive of God as a “thing” that can be evaluated in this manner. Indeed the approach assumes what it is supposed to prove: that if God exists he should conform to a reductive materialist conception of reality. And since no God can survive in this reductive materialist environment (as Loch Ness cannot sustain a monster or family of monsters) God is implicitly ruled out. But this process proves nothing other than the person’s prior commitment to a reductively material universe.

    The problem with eliminating the gods one by one in the simplistic fashion that Dawkins and other atheists recommend, is that it apparently takes no account of the possibility that there may be a God with some basic features common to many faith traditions, but identical to none. Or to put it another way, it doesn’t allow for the possibility that existence is a common feature that religions have correct about God, but that the actual characteristics of God may not be fully apprehended by anyone.

    If there is a God then it does not seem unreasonable to suppose that he may exist in a fashion which is not identical to any particular human conception of him. Or indeed in a way that is close to some or one tradition, but differs in some important respect. All of these options seem logically feasible, and entirely untouched by a simplistic process of eliminating human conceptions of God one by one.

    All you are doing in this process is eliminating gods you don’t believe in. It is not touching the ultimate question of whether there is a God at all.

  • cofty

    You are describing a god who is identical in every practical way to a god that does not exist.

    Pure sophistry.

  • cofty
    According to YouTube the smartest man in the world says there is a God and heaven.

    Isaac Newton had one of the highest IQs in human history and he was a complete dumbass when he indulged in god-talk.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    According to YouTube the smartest man in the world says there is a God and heaven. And as I suspected, consciousness is the key. So there we have it folks! - Chris Langan, 200 IQ, wow!

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  • Ex-JWs Brazil
    Ex-JWs Brazil


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