JWs have more good points than bad

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  • lsw1961
    Simon, OnTheWayOut, paradisebeauty …..

    It seems many could not digest the equal pay (practiced in Bethel) as a good thing—some even called it communism. In fact, this aspect as the good point is from a bethelite who has a glorious past career as a Prime Minister of a country. He was brought to the Bethel as his wife had an exceptional talent Bethel was in badly need of. They agreed to serve in Bethel without taking any pay (what they call monthly allowance or PEA) as they were materially very rich. Once I got a chance to work with him closely during a District Convention, and I invited the couple to my house for a meal which they gladly accepted. When I asked him what he liked the most in Bethel, he said “the equal pay.” Remember, he has multiple Doctorate in subjects such as Political Science, Economics .. and is an ex-PM.

    One can dismiss this calling it as the aspect of failed communism. This is like calling a nutritious and fruit bearing tree good-for-nothing just because it could not with stand an avalanche. Communism could not withstand the overwhelming and hostile environment around it. So what? Now I have my own personal and intimate circumstances to back up my stand. I had a very nice and peaceful atmosphere at home when my wife and I were working as employees who could afford a decent luxurious life-style. Then my wife started her own business with some people working under her. This gave her huge income. Gradually, she began to view me as good-for-nothing (while I am still the same old loving husband who still earns the same income working as a Chartered Accountant in an MNC). This I have noticed in my family also with my fleshly sisters and brothers. When they earn money using other human beings as mere machinery, that same attitude becomes dominant even towards their close relatives. I also know from my friends who are Chartered Accountants for other companies how private companies make money robbing the Governments.

    [Like you, I too do not approve the expensive wrist watches ... and other gadgets the GB members have. It is better they renounce such things if sense of propriety rules them. That is for them to do. But it is understandable that a few witnesses behave like blind devotees of the paganism who believe that they will get special blessings from God if they gift out expensive things to persons such as GB, BC, Elders ...]

  • Saintbertholdt

    Hi Isw1961,

    Communism could not withstand the overwhelming and hostile environment around it.

    In other words the system could not compete and is inefficient. If you want to drive a car that constantly breaks down, has a 900cc engine, is grey in color, comes in a single model and is rarely available to the general populace because its frightfully expensive, then communism is certainly for you.

    When I asked him what he liked the most in Bethel, he said “the equal pay.”

    You wrote "...they were materially very rich". So they could leave Bethel with impunity. Then carry with their luxurious lives and refer to their time at Bethel as a wonderful and liberating experience which everyone should adopt. Have you ever wondered why most worldwide missionaries and relief agency's hail from rich capitalist countries? Because philanthropy comes from surplus and not from want.

    You have not addressed the matter of the control of and denying access to information by the Watchtower organization. That is the outstanding quality of any cult organization (see my previous posts).

    BTW is the PM you're referring to Tulsi Giri?

  • azor
    Personal experiantial anecdotes. Look beyond yourself ISW1961 if it's possible. Grow up and do some research. If you like the blind bliss of being a JW so much have at it. I just hope your not condemning children, or helpless strangers in the so called ministry to the captivity you revel in.
  • GodZoo


    There are certain things I do not agree with, but I still accept them (though I do not approve them). I wait on Jehovah. When you are with a group, you have to accept certain things which you do not approve just you do with your life-partner.

    Like causing thousands of unnecessary deaths due to their screwed up ever changing blood issue?

    Like wasting millions of potentially productive lives dues to their stupid and ignorant views on education?

    Like 130 years of totally false and insane prophetic garbage and lies?

    Like breaking up and destroying who knows how many families with their cold and unloving disfellowshipping policy?

    Like concealing from the authorities thousands and thousands of horrific cases of child sexual abuse within their ranks over decades?

    Are you mental?

    Trying to compare any of this to being with a life partner who's views you 'do not approve of' is beyond insane.

    Claiming to wait on God has not synonymous with being involved with and asserting ridiculous loyalty to an entirely corrupt man made self-titled organisation that cannot possibly have anything to do with what Jesus apparently believed and taught.

    Get help.

  • cofty
    Definitely another BK drone
  • Divergent
    All the five points I presented as good points are really good points which you will agree later if not now. Take your own time and try to view it with an open mind. Humans are designed in a unique way that they can see something as good or bad if viewed from above, totally detached. The more detached you are, the better your vision will be! Try this, and you will be amazed at the results.

    Isw1961... are you listening to your own advice to view things with an open mind? Can you detach yourself from the JW perspective? The more detached you are, the better your vision will be! Try this, and you will be amazed at the results. =)

  • GodZoo
    The more detached you are, the better your vision will be! Try this, and you will be amazed at the results.

    This person has plainly become detached from all sense. I'm surprised so many are falling for it and feeding him/her/it.

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Hey Isw, if you need the sense of security given by spending your life in a Watchtower straight-jacket and wearing JW org blinkers... then please continue to enjoy it, since it is your thing.
  • JWdaughter

    That avalanche for some is being made redundant after decades of service with wages equal to the GB. Nothing saved. No expensive gifts to pawn or sell. Do you think the GB will be cut off and told to come back and do the same stuff on a commuter basis with no salary? No social security? No home to live in? I don't think so. Tuxedo park Ny is $$$. They aren't commuting.

    When the social experiment gets the avalanche-thats when the class distinctions really show.

  • LoveUniHateExams


    Sorry, no, your answer to Cofty & Jookbeard in no way deals with the paedophile issue.

    You made 5 points - fine, but if you're going to come on this forum and start a thread about the good and bad points of the Wachtower Society, then I'm going to ask you to respond about the paedophilia issue it undoubtedly has.

    Try again.

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