JWs have more good points than bad

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  • rebel8
    1) Many who were on destructive paths have transformed themselves without religion.

    2) Bethelites are not paid. They are given stipends for living expenses. So, no.

    3) Happify.com--not religious, same outcome.

    4) Numerous legal victories in favor of human rights have been won without jw involvement.

    5) History denying makes jws look stupid.

    List can go on and on.
  • Magnum

    JWs have more good points than bad

    That, to me, is irrelevant. I couldn't care less. The issue, to me, is whether they are what they claim to be - the one and only chosen people of the one and only creator who are going to live forever in a paradise after all others are eternally destroyed. Either they are what they claim to be or they aren't; that is the issue. If they are, then prove it to me. I want to know because if they are, I want to go back.

  • JWdaughter

    Equal pay would have significance except for the fact that none of those folks are cold, hungry, unclothed. None of them are actually self supporting. They are supported by all the JWs who DO go to work for different salaries, with different abilities and different contributions. Some JWs are smarter and/or work harder, some are lazy and/or stupid. They contribute according to what they are willing to contribute and what they CAN contribute.

    If you aspire to communism or socialism, that is great. I don't.

    Most R &F bethelite JWs are not being given expensive watches, chauffered rides around town or any kind of authority. They sit, stand, speak when they are TOLD to. They have to leave when they are told with nothing. That is not what the world should aspire to, and if you really think that you want to live like that, then I think you are a very sad person. Unless you think you want to be a GB member. Then you are something else altogether in addition to being a very sad person.

    JW's? Lots of individual JWs have awesomely good points. More good than bad. It doesn't make the religion right. The same could be said for people in any faith or no faith group. A study showed that non-religious children are more altruistic than religious ones. It is true that JWs are specifically trained from birth that being generous to others (esp non JWs) is a particular waste of time and effort. They are birdfood, don'tcha know. That would not be one of the JW good points, btw.

    I'm glad you got out of a harmful way of life. You were ready to do so. Had some other group shown up at that time you might well be a mormon, muslim, baptist or catholic right now. My mom's mom got involved with JWs for free babysitting and my mom and her siblings went to meetings for regular indoctrination because their mom was literally old mother hubbard and meeting nights were her only break. True story. My mom started going to meetings at 2 and her siblings basically as soon as the next one was born until the last was left orphaned and left to be influenced by her eldest JW sister and her JW inclined aunt. My aunt(that youngest baby) has been in the org as if it were a revolving door. This round she is a pioneer. She could be a meth head again the next one. "Knowing Jehovah's ways from birth" have left her a confused mess. Well meaning. Good hearted. Mess. I hope for her sake it holds this time. 4th husband is nice and she drug him into the JWs so now he is a MS. He is like a male her without religion until now. Never been a mean druggie, but they both have a lot of demons to fight. Hoping that age has mellowed them.

    I don't intend to run down all your points, but they are simplistic and unsophisticated. Open your eyes. This isn't a 4th grade social studies report about why your religion is desirable or acceptable, it is real life.

  • lsw1961


    I appreciate all your points which can be summerised into one word—extremism. I agree JWs go to the extreme in some respects which they have copied from the archaic side of the Bible. But individual can practice what he likes in their heart without disturbing the community. This is an option many have not tried. But I have done it successfully.

    As you suggested, I have messaged my e-mail ID to you.

  • lsw1961

    Faithful Witness

    You ask: “Was Jesus telling them to PREACH to the poor, the hungry and the homeless? Or was he talking about actual food?”

    I have my own understanding of what Jesus said. I do not interpret it, but take it what is for. The obvious is this: do not do any harm to anyone. If you have the power, do help the needy. Interestingly, Jesus does not any mention about true worship.

  • LisaRose

    The fact the Watchtower does some good means nothing, every religion does some good. The lie about their history, manipulate people using fear, obligation and guilt and wrongly claim to be God's sole channel of communication to mankind. If they truly were being led by God, they wouldn't have to keep flip flopping on doctrine and wouldn't need to lie. There are far better religions that this one, religions that don't break up families, that don't hide pedophiles, that don't push people into suicide.

    By their own teachings any religion that teaches falsehoods should be rejected.

  • lsw1961

    Nice, refreshing response. I know the hurt you people experienced for which I express my personal apology.

    Actually, this is the reason why I adopted a different strategy—I support JW for their good, but secretly disapprove their failings, thus avoid the heart-break of losing my loved ones.

    Confrontation is not a good idea always. Not giving your heart to things you do not approve is a sweet rebellion with no possibility of ever being noticed/punished.

  • kaik

    In your case, you are not enjoying your lives even after coming out of JWs as you are still worrying about what JWs are doing and attacking them relentlessly..

    Funny and entertaining. JW have according census in my native country the lowest income from all registered religious groups, highest poverty rate (even gypsies are ahead of JW), and lowest educational achievement. No other socio-demographic group in the country is on the bottom as Jehovah Witnesses.

    The sweetest revenge for any ex-JW is successful, happy, and fulfilling life after KH and not slaving for publishing house stuck in 19th century mindset.

  • azor
    I left for my children and suffered the loss of all my so called friends and family. Knowing that this is a captive organization I could not condemn them to the potential loss that I have had to endure. Since I'm 3rd Gen. on both sides of my family I was born into this high control group. When my grand parents became witnesses shunning was condemned as a non biblical practice. Something I only found out about after I left.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut


    Raise your hand at the meeting and say the things you've said in your posts so far and admit that you are a regular visitor of this site and you'll be seeing the good qualities of Jehovah's Witnesses from a seat in the back room, right after the song and prayer. Don't forget to mention that thing you said about not going along with their shunning policy. They'll be interested to hear about that.

    P.S. Many a lost person has turned their life around by joining an organization...any organization. (Boy Scouts, AA even Scientology )

    As far as reading the daily text goes, remember Chairman Mao's "little red book" is considered one of the most printed and widely distributed books in history. (6.5 billion) and was mandatory reading for the Communist party and the military and it was unofficially mandatory for all Chinese citizens to own and carry a copy of the book. Organized daily indoctrination is standard fare among high control groups.

    As a Bethelite I saw the equality you speak of, from the sidewalk while trudging through the snow on the way to the meeting which was a 45min subway ride into a dangerous neighborhood while the higer-ups passed us by in black Lincoln Town Cars.

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