Who really is the Faithful and Discreet Slave? The recent changes and the Governing Body's 10 year plan

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  • Diogenesister
    Blues I am sorry, but I just don’t but Redsetter2’s list of expected changes. All that about sex being tolerated ...... no it does not ring true .

    But wasn't he saying anything up until sex (ie the kind you can get pregnant by) is a conscience thing? DF all these engaged or otherwise together young couples who have not had pre marital sex is beyond absurd. As someone else mentioned, at what point do you draw the line if not actual penetrative sex?? For some couples its been enough to touch a breAst during A hug and kiss. Trying to police lines in such an area gets you in to silly territory. Once they've accepted their faith prohibits pre marital sex, people have to take responsibility for their own conscience up until that point their faith prohibits. The GB clearly réalise the current policy is both impractical, uncomfortable for elders and loosing them young members.

  • TonusOH

    If they change their stance towards smoking pot even slightly, that woud indicate that they're not only trying to go mainstream, but that they are showing the hardcore JWs the door. I wonder how my mother is viewing these changes, she has always been ultra-loyal and unquestioning, but also ultra-conservative in her views. I would not be surprised if she is put off by stuff as simple as dress codes and facial hair. I don't know if she could accept any kind of softening on smoking or drugs.

    You can only ask the hardcore types to lighten up so many times before they realize that you are really asking them to leave.

  • Vidiot

    Hmm. Interesting possibility.

    Many people don’t realize this, but genuine moderates have always outnumbered liberals and conservatives in any given social environment, including religions.

    It’s why politicians, regardless of official leaning, actually tend to govern in the middle of the road.

    There are exceptions who pander or even subscribe to the extremes, obviously, but they tend to leave a real mess for their successors to clean up…

    …and the current WT crop was absolutely left with a mess in the wake of the Jaraczic Period.

  • redsetter2


    That is precisely what I mean, thanks for clarifying this on the thread. The Org will definitely focus on punishing only those who are:

    • Members of the opposite sex who engage in intercourse, who are not married to each other

    • Members of the same sex masturbating each other, having oral / anal sex or kissing and expressing other intimate expressions (remains unchanged, still anti LGBT)

    There will be an updated article one day explaining Jehovah's Witnesses' view of gay marriage, that not doing so is their "lifestyle choice" and within the realm of their religious beliefs, peppered with politically correct language to appease the world.

    Consensual non penetrative sex and masturbating each other will not necessarily be encouraged, but at the same time it won't be discouraged, as long as it is mutual, private, and isn't spread as gossip within a congregation, to prevent scandals. Not that it isn't a scandal anyway! As we can see, the org will in its own way double down on avoiding liability for preventing consensual sex, making themselves look good in the eyes of the world's governments. Also, the changes will be to prevent further apostasy through "harmful gossip" in the congregations.

  • redsetter2


    The Watchtower only cares about obedience to the GB regardless of what they've currently been teaching or what they previously taught. They wouldn't care if even the most hardcore of JWs stumble or question things. All they expect is absolute obedience and quickly readjusting to changes without question.

  • redsetter2


    Well I must have been misled as well here at HQ! Send me the information and I'll cross examine it and come back to you with the information I have.

  • Ron.W.
    All they expect is absolute obedience and quickly readjusting to changes without question.

    Yes, they remind me a bit of Putin on that score.

  • Vidiot

    LOL, that’s funny… “lockstep liberalizing”!

    “You’re gonna mainstream! And you’re gonna like it!!!”

  • no-zombie


    From your understanding of the coming changes, where will be by the end of this year?

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Mike

    The new light is you have the same chance if you die before or are alive at Armageddon. Only if you are really bad will you not be resurrected or killed at Armageddon

    I think the new light is "We don't know anymore" maybe, maybe not. So to be on the safe side, be bad, not wicked, and die before the GT or if you plan to hang around make sure you are kinder than the average Joe or better still, join with those who alone have scriptural hope of surviving Armageddon.

    It's all nonsense no matter how you cut it.

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