The biggest news of the year for Mr. and Mrs. Totally ADD

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  • flipper

    FORMER2FREE- VERY nice to have you here my friend . I've chatted with your dad & mom on the phone before and consider them dear, dear people. I live out in Northern California and some day me and my wife would like to meet them, and you as well !

    I was born & raised in it like yourself - exited at age 44 almost 15 years ago. Believe me after you exit the JW's- " the light gets brighter and brighter " - no pun intended, well maybe a little bit. But my dad was a well known elder out here, my older brother was in Bethel 8 years, I'm the only one out of 4 siblings that escaped the WT asylum. Especially when I started seeing it was lunatics running the asylum.

    Hang in there. It will be a challenge with your in laws and wife & kids. A little word of caution just show them love and don't try to lay all these things you've learned about the WT Society on them- because due to still being under the influence of mind control they won't understand and will get angry, thus escalating tensions needlessly. I'm sure others have mentioned this on this thread, I haven't read all 10 pages yet word for word. But hey man !

    Welcome ! And keep on educating yourself and researching the Internet to verify that what you are feeling is true within yourself. Let yourself feel angry, sad, or however you need to vent, we are here as a support for you. Been there, done this - many of us have here. Take care buddy, Peace out, Mr. Flipper My wife Mrs. Flipper says " hi " as well !

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    I'm so pleased for you both 🎉🎉🥂🥂

  • former2free

    Hello flipper presently my wife really has no faith anyway but because her parents live near us and are super disciples kinda makes it hard. And their influence on the kids is big. But that’s for another time maybe we can exchange info I’d love to give you a call and chat.

  • JustMe2

    former2free, Welcome! Although we'd love to hear more of your story, be very careful about putting on here any information that can identify you. You don't want to drive your wife and children in the opposite direction or raise suspicions about yourself in the congregation by accidentally "outing" yourself before you're ready.

  • former2free

    Hello justme2 I already have considered that thank you. When I do post about that I intend to be very careful about my self identifying information. But that is always great information to keep in mind especially when in my situation of still being part of the collective mind.

  • Diogenesister

    Congratulations to ALL of you!

    Any chance Formertofree, of moving near mum and Dad and away from the in-laws if they are influencing the kids/family?

    I know it's hard with young kids and it's really important to Have support from grandparents, so it's difficult. But maybe ADD and Mrs ADD can help with little ones??

  • dubstepped

    Welcome F2F!!! So glad to see you chime in. Freedom always comes with a price, but it's worth it. Keep reaching out as you need throughout the process. We all love to help.

  • former2free

    Hello diogenesister no there’s no chance of that besides the in law thing it’s about work and supporting my family. As much as I’d love to be near them again I just simply cannot. I know the ADD’s would help but again this is about work and supporting my family. And if I did leave this state to get away again I know what state I’d go to. But thank you for your kind thoughts.

  • flipper

    FORMER2FREE- Hey guy, please check your private messages on the board here. I just sent you one a few minutes ago. Thanks ! Hope to hear back from you via private message. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thanks flipper for your help. Everyone here has been very supportive. Take care. Still Totally ADD

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