The biggest news of the year for Mr. and Mrs. Totally ADD

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  • Phizzy

    Good to hear from you f2f, I think we would all like to hear about your "waking up" process, what it was.

    In my case it was a gradual build up of things that troubled me, but was triggered by reading the Book of Daniel as though I had never read it before, and discovering that to get to the year 1914 from what is written there is plainly nonsense.

    From there it was a short step to thinking: No 1914 = No 1919 Choosing of the FDS = the G.B of today are self appointed Charlatans.

    Remember we are all here to help with your questions and to give you any support.

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind


    So good to have you on the board with us.

    Your mother,

    Reopened Mind

  • DesirousOfChange
  • ThomasCovenant

    9 years . 3 posts. One password. Welcome back

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Welcome son we love you. Proud father Still Totally ADD.

    P.S. watch out son your mother did all the work and no mention. Lol

  • jp1692


    Welcome to the forum!

    Your story (including your parents) is heartwarming and encouraging to many of us here.

    I left the religion 9 years ago and have two adult children that are still in. Sadly they both totally shun me despite ongoing attempts to reach them. So you can imagine that hearing about your reconciliation with your parents gives this father's heart some measure of hope.

    New -- or in your case, returning -- members often create an introductory post and explain a little bit about their background and how they've come to this forum. We already know your parents side of the story. Now we'd like to hear yours!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that can't wait to read it.


  • Tallon

    Welcome back to the forum f2f.

    As jp1692 said; we'd all like to read about your journey out of the Org.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Just reading this now. . . fantastic news!!!

  • former2free

    Hello jp1692 and everyone else. It’s been a struggle because I had doubts years ago and buried them. That was the point of time when my parents started waking up. I kept in contact with them for a while and then decided to shun them like a good little brainwashed witness. I have been missing them very much though. I have had a hard time with if we are supposed to believe that god is love and there are so many good people how can he destroy them all just because we came to their door and they didn’t respond? If that’s the case I have more love than god. Then a while ago I started delving into the the wide world of YouTube videos and it got me thinking then the icing well part of the icing was the ARC and how the bethel representatives couldn’t answer why shunning is biblically necessary. Then I got the elders book online and read about how elders who have committed past sins barring a couple of things can keep being an elder while joe blow member would be df’d in a heartbeat. So I am done but I have to play double agent for a while cause of my wife kids and in laws but thank you all for the warm welcome.

  • jp1692


    Thanks for the brief intro. I'd suggest you take a breath, give it some thought and compose a nice introductory essay (it needn't be too long, and what you've got above is a nice start) and then post it as it's own, separate thread.


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