E-Man and HL are coming to the USA!!!!

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    You just keeping bumping this bad boy to the top Joy.

    Well I've got good new and bad news. The bad news is I didn't get the new job, which means I'm stuck working at night (I miss being around my family!). But the good news is that means I've got 3 vacation days left and I plan on using them. I don't know if I'm going to wear a kilt this time, but the kids are excited about seeing some waves again.

    So count Nina, Jennie, Jackson and I in. We're coming!

  • Englishman


    From experience, I know that these things need bumping up quite a bit. Usually it starts to go bananas just a few days before the event, so you're doing the right thing.

    I noticed that Simon is going. Have you got a karaoke machine? The lad is good, especially at Elvis stuff.


  • mouthy

    bttp....( crying!!!! I cant come BooHoo !! I will be there is spirit- so behave yourselves

  • Amazing

    I'll try to be there if I can ... this is great, having these two blokes and their ladyships ... fantastic. But, we are going to have to be careful about the beer ... ... our English buds are used to something a little more stout than Budweiser ... we need to get some good microbrews so they can adjust to the taste ... gradually break them into the American way. Never been to Florida before ... but got close by going to Georgia and Alabama. How's the weather there in November? Shall I bring my snow suit from Chicago? Anyway, this is great news E-Man, HL, Simon and Angharad ... I will try to be there as I must meet these great Apostates from across the pond. - Jim Whitney

    PS: If you can, bring me a little piece of the Whitney castle ... an important item as I am supposed to be the rightful heir and all that sort of thing.

    PPS: You know, Ray Franz is just up the road from the big event ... maybe we could find a way to get he and Cynthia down for a day.

  • Robdar

    I'm going to ask Harvey if he wants to go. If so, count us in! This could be a hoot!


  • Englishman


    I think that you're castle is in a river!


  • Mindchild

    I will be there, and as I'm closer to the Tallahassee airport than Joy is, I might be able to pick up someone flying in. Tallahassee is about a 2 hour drive from Panama City.


  • Joyzabel

    hey ((Big Tex & Cruz)) sorry about your bad news, but happy you'll turn those lemonds into lemonade by coming our way!!

    WOW Amazing, that would be great to have your amazing being here!! But please don't bring any snow or cold weather with you.

    ((((Grace)))) I'm so sorry you won't be here, but we will think of you fondly when we discuss all we know on JWD.

    (((Robdar))) whoohoo, you know the way, lady.

    Skipper how kind of you to offer pick-ups. If anyone comes in through Tallahasse, please, please, please pick up Kenneson. That's where he lives and I'm sure he'll need a ride down here.

    whoohooo, I'm getting excited to have everyone here and enjoying themselves.


  • Englishman


    Can you recommend a car rental company? I've looked at a few sites, but find them a little confusing. In the UK we normally pay around £75 returnable deposit, plus comprehensive insurance of about £30 per week plus the actual rental itself.


  • cruzanheart

    I'M SO EXCITED!!! I've asked AAA to send us a trip itinerary (they're great -- they'll send maps and books of places to stay along the way) and I think we're going to try to break the trip up into two easier days instead of one long one. First day we'll kidnap the kids from school a little early and see if we can make it to Mississippi before bedtime, then arise and finish the trip on Friday. We might have to leave Sunday afternoon for the return, but we'll see.

    E-man, check into Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise. Enterprise is cheaper but they aren't always reliable about getting you the kind of car you want. Hertz is top of the line but sometimes their prices are too.

    Hmmm, so what are the chances of all of us chipping in and flying Ray & Cynthia down for the weekend? I would LOVE to meet him -- we've been corresponding lately and his letters are absolutely wonderful.


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