E-Man and HL are coming to the USA!!!!

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  • Prisca
    You know you want to come just to give me a big hug

    Simon and SP meeting in Florida:

    (now everyone say "awww....")

  • Simon
    So any of you Americans going to teach these stuffy English how to drink beer?

    Surely you meant to say that we're going to teach them?!

    It's be great to see everyone there so I hope anyone who can make it does.

  • caspian

    Wish I had known the dates..

    I already have booked a villa in Orlando from 10 Jan 04 -- 31 Jan 04

    I am taking my good lady, JEMIMAHS wife and her lovely daughter. so if there are any who live in that area I would love to meet up.


  • Angharad

    Ok bring a Brit, I have to ask what will the weather be like at that time? Shorts weather or cooler?

    Thinking about what sort of clothes to pack

  • Simon

    I thought Florida was the naked state ... I think I've been mis-sold

    Sorry you can't make it Caspian ... I hope you can meet up with some people when you go later on (and we'll have to meet up soon).

  • caspian

    Thanks Simon that would be nice

    how about the Man City V Leeds Game?

    It sounds good I just wouldn't want you to delete me, when Leeds win.


  • StinkyPantz


    You know you want to come just to give me a big hug

    I was gonna say that, but I wanted it to be a surprise. And btw it IS the naked state, that was part of the surprise.



  • Simon

    Wohoo !!

  • Joyzabel

    <shaking head>

    oh gawd, now the word is out that we live on a nude beach here in florida!!!

    E-man, you think you can show us how to drink beer???? We'll have a kegger waiting for ya.

    Ang, the weather should be nice, about like your summers by then. During the day 80's, we'll be lucky if it only gets as high as the 70's. The nights may drop to the 60's. Water temp is still around 80 that time of year. Nice swimming weather!

    Simon, now if you really want to see the bikini clad gals, you need to come during spring break!<--bikini clad gal, use your imagination!

    SP, you know you want to come. We are only about 5 hours from you. Just a weekend outing!

    Everyone else, let me know if you are interested so I can get a good rate on the motel down the street. (We have a gazillion motels in this town) We'll have so much fun.


  • Simon

    sping break eh? ... I'll book more tickets

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