Flat earth vs round earth

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  • MrRoboto

    Finally! Someone who gets it!

    Thank you MrMeanMustard.

    TD the material I posted was not for or against any model (or "absolute truth")

    What I posted was to refute the junk popsci passes off as "how you can prove for yourself" I don't intend on defending any of the common models, just as I have thus far but I don't mind challenging the "proof" of the absoluteness of "truth" from time to time.

    Have you seen the article? To tell someone to accept those things as ways they can prove the earth is round is the same as telling someone to "make the truth your own".

    An objective view of these things would help the reader to discern that those points (or "ways") don't actually help you prove the claim. I've stated the reasons why that is the case in my retort above.

    Aside from ego, can anyone make a clear case as to why this even matters to anyone here though? Aside from hide-the-god conspiracies (looking at F.E. folks here) and stroke-my-own-ego complex of others (not all inclusive for either group) why does anyone care?

  • cofty
    why does anyone care?

    Dumb question of the year. Three days to go.

  • MrRoboto

    No one has answered this 1 question, though I posed it more than once. Only met with insults.

    Maybe you don't know why you care so much? Or maybe its Only out of ego?

    A little introspection goes a long way to bettering yourself cofty, try it sometime. After all, I'm sure you can do better and be better and we'll all be better off for it.

  • cofty

    I "better" myself by constantly reading brilliant books written by brilliant people and always applying healthy skepticism.

    You add absolutely nothing of value.

  • TD

    Aside from ego, can anyone make a clear case as to why this even matters to anyone here though?

    Have you ever read Orwell?

    On a more mundane note, there are a fair amount of professions dependent on the disciplines I mentioned. Hell, just understanding that flat maps are a serious distortion of the real world can be useful. Greenland really isn't bigger than Australia, for example. On the other hand, the continental U.S. is substantially bigger than it looks on a flat map. (Some European friends once got the bright idea of driving from New York to Monument Valley based on how far it looked on a map.)

  • kairos


    Anyone that is researching won't need any help finding videos.

    Flat Earth is proof of a creator.

  • atomant

    nasa has not produced one genuine photo of the planet earth its all CGI. Picture yourself out in space observing the earth and look down at the bottom of the earth.You will see buildings upside down and people walking upside down .Huh.and nasa lies.Have a look at the logo it spells satan.

  • MrRoboto

    Atomant that's not true, they have lots of true videos of earth, under water, with bubbles and astronots and such. Sometimes you can even see their breathing hoses, it's actually white comical but also sad.

  • cofty
  • MrRoboto

    Flat earth, round earth.. Neither actually prove it disprove a creator. Evidence.. data.. is in the eye of the beholder.

    A flat earth could just as easily "prove" that we've been stolen from our home world and placed on a giant flat asteroid as some sort of science project. For some reason, flat earthers don't seem to have ever considered that. But a F.E. could be the result of any number of things that have never even been imagined. Same for R.E.

    Evidence is not proof. Evidence is observations that you put in your file to build a case of what you think happened. Take a criminal for example. There is no proof in most cases, only evidence. Some of which may have been falsified or even wrongly interpreted. When that happens, an innocent person may be in the hook for a crime they didn't commit. In other words,a false conclusion may be made based on bad evidence or misunderstanding the evidence or bias on the part of the judge/jury. Or they may incidentally make the correct decision despite the evidence. But since there is no proof, there is no Absolute Truth that they will ever know about the case, even though they will feel like they have it, but that is emotion, ego and bias. The convicted may know he's innocent but he cannot prove it, only present evidence of the truth.

    I'm really only talking about things that happened in the past, such as a crime or a creator having created earth. The shape of an object is easily provable if you can get far enough away from it and see it for yourself from multiple angles (all sides, as it were)

    Of course you can't prove what you saw to someone else but you can present evidence like pictures. Or take them with you and show them yourself.

    Self experience is the only proof, everything else is just conjecture.

    Even self experience can be drawn into question though, for example, were you tripping when you saw those aliens? If so, you may want to examine the cause of your experience.

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