RC 2016 Leaks & Releases

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Can never do enough!!!

    The F.O.G. gets thicker.


  • greenhornet

    When I was 7 years old this scared my parents.

  • committeechairman

    Whoever leaked the video is either an Audio/Video department overseer at a convention, a program overseer or assistant on a convention committee, or has the speaking assignment to give the talk associated with this media. Looks like this video comes from the symposium "Pursue What Builds Loyalty" on Sunday morning. Can't tell which talk.



  • TheListener
    Ugh. The two main elders look creepy and so culty.
  • wifibandit


    The full program has been leaked in Spanish.


    Here is my back up, including the files already extracted: Link

    I have yet to read it. I just got the files and wanted to make sure this was shared.

    Thanks should go to "Inactivo" who leaked these files to "A TODA LA HERMANDAD APÓSTATA DE HABLA HISPANA"!

    ¡Gracias Inactivo!

  • OrphanCrow

    This video should be entered into the Telly Awards.

  • sparky1

    "I was going to say it is like a Twilight Zone episode." - Millie 210

    Great catch Millie! The Twilight Zone aired an episode on September 29, 1961 entitled, THE SHELTER. However, as you have rightly observed, the Twilight Zone is far more creative and thought provoking than anything that the Governing Body(tm) could possibly produce.

  • millie210

    Yes sparky! You snagged the exact episode I was thinking of!

    If I remember right, there were problems within and without. Rampant paranoia set in quickly.

    You are so right that it was realistic about the way humans really behave.

  • Quarterback
    I do remember that episode, too. Very good comparaison, Sparky
  • Aroq
    Hey wait a minute, you mean I can move my wife to some rural area and get her away from the cult? With the exception of a single kh????? This might work out. The only influence will be Uber dubs and that might just wake my wife! Thank you gb for putting out this information.

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