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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The absolute stupidity of Jehovah's Witnesses disfellowshipping and shunning policy is just that...absolute stupidity!

    My prayer is that God will damn this organization for all the pain and suffering it puts the rank and file through!

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Translation from Reddit...shows that even the slightest contact will prevent them from returning to the destructive cult:

    Looking back, I recognize that my parents have worked hard to make things right, as Jehovah wants.

    But as I did not hate evil, I couldn't see that my decisions were incorrect.

    Eventually, that led me to do things that I later regretted.

    I was disfellowshipped from the congregation.

    Sonia Erickson has been disfellowshipped.

    My family was devastated.

    Later, my father explained to me that could I not live with them because I did not want to change my lifestyle.

    He said I was a bad influence for my younger siblings.

    Well, I'm leaving now!

    I was determined to do whatever I wanted.

    The day I left home, I only thought of Erick.

    I did not care about the pain I was causing my parents.

    I did not think about the sadness and disappointment that caused them.

    The I blamed them for my situation.

    I blamed Jehovah too.

    Despite everything I'd done, my family missed me a lot.

    What helped them to remain loyal to Jehovah all those years I was out of the congregation?

    The biblical example of Aaron.

    Jehovah directly killed two sons of Aaron.

    On that occasion, He ordered him and his family not express sorrow for the whole nation to see that they agreed with that divine decision.

    Mom and Dad knew they had to be loyal as was Aaron.

    They loved me and wanted me to return to Jehovah.

    I tried to communicate with them.

    I wanted to talk to them and hear their voices.

    I missed being with family.

    They also thought to approach me.

    But they knew well that if they had had contact with me, even if only a little to see how they were, that small dose would have sufficed.

    I would have been led to believe that I didn't need to return to Jehovah

  • startingover

    Concerning the "Hope" video, I will say it's very professional. But watching as the story played out, I was expecting the wayward brother to return as a prodigal somehow, and that did not happen. In fact, it seemed to me that what he did in leaving at a young age for reasons that made sense to him and pursuing a career was not condemned at all and cast with a negative light like it usually is. The fact he give his brother money indicated he was doing well unlike his factory working brother who was more concerned about spirituality, I can see young ones who may be on the fence thinking that way already picking up on that.

    Also, does anyone else find it unusual to hear the term "need-greaters" used in something official like this?

  • wifibandit

    Download link for anyone who wants to mirror or remix:

    "Bunker video" CO16_E_70_No44-1.mp4

  • bohm

    Wifi: just wanted to say thanks for your efforts

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Copy that, thank you wifibandit, for providing these releases and leaks!

    I wonder how many people will wake up this RC after seeing this shunning video??

  • ttdtt

    how is it that the other videos haven't made it out of the compound yet?

  • wifibandit

    Thank the anonymous leakers who contact me. The Spanish shunning video was courtesy of "Inactivo" from extj.com .

    If anyone has confidential material that they would like released, but not traced back to them... PM me.

  • Dagney

    I hear my JW family is at the RC today. We just got to open communication for the for the past few years. I wonder what they will do.

  • millie210

    wifi- you do such a valuable work for all of us. Thank YOU!

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